Alyx and I got to work with a very nice company called NanoStyle. As you can tell just from the photo above, how cute this little pendant I got is. But what exactly is this pendant and what is that stuff over the heart in the center??
    First off, let me tell you that NanoStyle's founders have over 15 years of experience in the field of fine jewelry. Now if that doesn't give them a lot of credit, I don't know what will. :) They had such a cute variety of cubic zirconia pieces it was tough to make a decision but this necklace I got is the "I Love You" in 120 languages pendant .
    Have you figured out what those little things are in the center yet?! YES,  those tiny little things are the words "I Love You" in 120 different languages!! When I first saw it I thought that was the sweetest thing! Especially if receiving this from a loved one, is such a cute way to say I love more than one language! 
    This beautiful imprint in 24kt gold that's on semi-precious stone is definitely a conversation starter as well because I have been wearing it for a while and have gotten asked what the design is. Once I tell them what it is, the next question is always "Whereeee did you get that?"
    Along with the cute box it came in, they also sent along some little candies and a magnifying key chain so that you can really get a look at the words on the pendant. Also since it's a key chain you can easily show your friends too!
    I promise you you will not be disappointed by their work, so much time and effort are put into each piece and it's easy to see that just by the quality of the necklace. I was also excited to hear that you can follow their blog and find them on Facebook to for the latest promotions and pieces! Keep an eye out for their new collection and rings!

What is the best language to tell someone you love them? With this necklace you wont have to choose. You get 120 all on one beautiful necklace.

I am a jewelry fanatic, and a hopeless romantic for those who don't know me. Move over roses and chocolate. This idea is one of the coolest non cliche gifts for a girlfriend in a long time. 
 Nanostyle has come up with jewelry that is not only modern and stylish, but also heartfelt and unique. They graciously let me pick a necklace to show off to you guys. 

Nanostyle has a whole section of "Tokens of love" on their website making it super simple to pick out a gift for yourself or that perfect girl in your life. 

There are three colors of cubic zirconia to choose from, or you could go the route I choose and do the silver gold and black oval pendant. I choose this one for its clean, modern look and its ability to match with more things. I love mine. The words almost remind me of a fingerprint.
"JUST FOR WOMAN?" you ask? Oh no! On the page (click link above) they also feature a male pendant.

If Christmas and Valentines day shopping scares you, this would be a great easy to order option. BUT THIS ISN'T JUST FOR LOVERS!!! When I first heard of Nanostyle, it was through a friend who had received it from her parents for National To Write Love On Her Arms Day

Everyone, whether they suffer from depression of not, needs to be reminded that they are loved. Whether you send it via text message, write it on their arm, give them a hug or present it on a necklace, be sure to let your friends and family know that you love them.



No wonder celebrities such as Pamela Anderson have been seen wearing these awesome pieces. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are inspiring and heartfelt. 

Into religion?
Check out Nanostyles many religious pieces perfect for Holidays or just expressing your faith.
New Age Spiritual 

But what did that free candy taste like?
Ever had a fruity bubblegum flavored candy cane? Now think of how it would taste if it were an Airhead....

One  reader will win a $25 gift certificate to NanoStyle.
Products begin at $95
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Ends October 30, 2011
    I'm one of those girls that can't ever have enough jewelry. Especially pieces like this, that dress up any outfit and ad some sparkle to your attire. These beautiful earrings are from the Ktcollection.
    In the photo above is the cute little box with her business card and the earrings that I got so excited to wear! I put them in immediately!  The style of their jewelry is described as "a line with a distinct look, inspired by Manhattan's fashion world as well as Katie's travels." Which I think you will feel once you take a look around their collections online. Another tid bit of information that I thought was great was that this company is family owned business! 
    Personally, my favorite type of jewelry is gunmetal and silver, of course with any diamond-y looking stones!! The amount of detail on these earrings keep my eyes wandering when looking at them. They are so shiny and made with such great quality that they look a lot more expensive than they actually are!    They measure approximately 2" long by 1" wide. Perfect size! I am not really a stud kinda girl for my lower ear piercings, I like them to big more noticeable so these were a perfect choice! I wore them to work a couple times and had 3 people comment on them! Doesn't that make you feel good when someone compliments your outfit or accessories?! I know I like it!
    I suggest everyone take a look at her other items including her own HANDMADE jewelry! She's got a lot to pick from so I'm sure will find something that is your style and AFFORDABLE! Which is a key thing in my book! :)
These earrings - $25
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    I love dressing up any outfit with accessories like jewelry, purses, belts, hair things and more! It's a way to have fun with your outfits and give some more personality! is a site that carries tonsssss of well, you guessed it, CHARMS! From sterling silver, alphabet beads, chains, pendants and more! It was so fun looking through their easy to navigate page and check out all the different style charms they have.
    They had Alyx and I pick out a bracelet from the new beaded bbracelets! YAY! So we took a look and I decided I wanted to share this gorgeous " June Alexandrite Bracelet" with you girls!  Now, this isn't my birthstone color, but it doesn't matter because it such a pretty color and adds a great color to any simple outfit you are wearing.
One end screws off so you can add more beads!!.

Material: Silver Plated Brass
Lead free pewter
Glass, Assembled in the USA
Pewter beads - Made in the USA
Bracelet and glass beads - Imported

Bracelet Length: 7 1/2"
For an 8" or 9" bracelet, please indicate the length in the Special Instructions box at checkout.
Free gift box is included.
    These are so cute because you can personalize them and make them one of a kind with the beads that you choose to add to them. They are a great alternative to the expensive Pandora bracelets or the ones from Kays. They are very well made and great for gift giving as well! Any girl (especially younger) would loveeee this!
    They are only $14.99 (on sale right now for $10.99) So I suggest you go look around and check out these must have accessory in your jewelry box!

$14.99 for bracelet with charms (on sale for $10.99)
Click HERE to go to their website

Charm Factory was nice enough to send me and Dianna each a bracelet to show you guys. The bracelet I have is an August birth month bracelet inspired by the peridot birth stone. I think that birth stone jewelry is a great personalaized gift for any woman in your life. Also, this particular bracelet is a Pandora style bracelet. 

Pandora is a very trendy thing right now, but it can get pricey. This is a great alternative. At only $14.99, you save hundreds. I myself, would not wear this all the time. Although very cute, my style tends to be very edgy. I can see this being a staple bracelet in many womans jewelry collections though. 

This would be a great gift for any woman. I especially think that preteens would love this. Birthdays, communions, quinces, sweet 16, Bat Mitzvah etc...

The bracelet itself is silver plated brass. It looks expensive. The beads are made of lead free pewter and glass. The glass beads look plastic to me. One of mine has large air bubbles throughout and looks a little funny, but the peridot color is fairly accurate. 

These bracelets are assembled in the USA.The pewter beads are made in the USA , and the glass beads, and bracelet are imported. 

Like Pandora, one end of this bracelet screws off, so you can add, subtract and change your beads. This site has a large selection of beads to choose from. 

Standard length is 7 1/2" but is also available in 8" or 9" upon request. 
Below is the link to the August bracelet