I love finding new and lesser known makeup companies, especially small ones, where the stuff is practically made in someones kitchen... haha.

This small mineral company founded by Christina Kocher, is called Pure Luxe. All of their products are handmade in small batches and hand packaged. 

This review is for Lippie Compacts. I can not speak for the packaging, because I only ordered a sample size... but I must say... the samples are big and only ONE DOLLAR. I am going to order more.

The color I got is Glam. Christina describes glam as "Sexy crimson red with tons of shine!" Which I would say is pretty accurate. This color is a buildable redish pink, and looks very glossy. The color looks like a stain, in the sense its is sheer, yet colorful. But has the look of a gloss, without the thick sticky, goopiness. This lippie has a very light, slick and moisturizing feel, and has no scent or taste making it universally great for everyones likes and dislikes. 

This lippie is perfect for no makeup, natural, as well as dark heavy looks. It can be built up for a stronger color with layering. 

Lippie SAMPLE - approx. 1/8 tsp. in jar is $1.00
Lippie FULL SIZE Compact is $6.00



Want juicy lips without leaving your wallet dry?!

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Color-Full in Flaunt.

Love the look of plump lips but dont have to money for injections and expensive plumpers? NO PROBLEM! I have found an affordable alternative to getting sexy lips. 

My favorite thing about this gloss is the smell. It reminds me of winter. It is spicy. Cloves, cinnamon, orange.... delicious. 

Flaunt is a pretty pale slightly mauvey pink, but this gloss also comes in other colors.

the finish is a high shine, and has micro shimmers. 

The wand is a brush, and is soft and flexible, but still has great control. 

As with most plumpers, this gloss has a slight "tickle and tingle" ... which is the price we pay for beauty. If you dont like how plumpers feel, I would not suggest this product to you.  
Size wise.... there is a noticable puff, and fullness added to the lip, but doesnt look fake. 

I purchased this product with my own money.I am planning on purchasing more colors as well. 

$7 at most drug stores. 


Couleur Caramel was kind enough to send me some products to review. This in no way influenced my opinions. Unfortunately because my products are samples, they are not fully labeled. I am guessing that this lipstick is matte finish, in the color Garnet Red. 

 The smell and texture of these lipsticks are waxy. I found that putting a minty gloss or chapstick over, gets rid of smell, taste and tackiness. 

The pigmentation is AMAZING, and these lipsticks last HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS without reapplying. It is amazing.

I really recommend this product for someone who wants to do their makeup in the morning, go to work all day and go out at night and never have to reapply, or even look in a mirror.

These lipsticks are rich in plant-based active ingredients, and 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

Price : $21.00 USD

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Rimmel was kind enough to send me some products to review. Although I was sent this gloss for free, my opinion is in no way affected by this gesture. 

This gloss is very pretty. It is a sheer formulation with glitter and shimmer reflects in it. It has a slick feeling, and is not at all sticky or goopy. It lasts a good amount of time on my lips. 

The scent is a very generic makeup smell, but is not strong enough to be bothersome.

The packing is slim, and attractive. The wand is similar to a doe foot applicator, but is flexible and slim on both sides at the tip, making it very easy to apply. 

Vitamins A, C and E as well as collagen help keep your lips looking and feeling good from the inside out.

What I really enjoy about this gloss is that it has an SPF of 15. Who ever said you had to choose between safety and sexy?!

The color I have is # 365 - Pink Spa

0.20 fl oz for around $5 at most drugstores.

Love a shiny gloss? Then your going to want to keep reading. Couleur Caramels gloss is rich in plant-based active ingredients,  protects lips and 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

If that isn't amazing enough, this line of glosses have no stickiness to them but do have a staying power. I noticed when the shine of the gloss wears off some of the particles that give the shimmer stay behind which is still pretty and can add clear gloss over it or just reapply more of the original color for a fresh new look.

As I've stated in other lip product reviews, my lips can be rather dry and that's always a key thing I look for when using a gloss. not just the fabulous shine and shimmer, but it needs to be moisturizing and not dry out my lips after a few minutes of wear. This particular gloss has a lot of natural ingredients that provide the moisture and softness to the lips and helped hydrate them. 
The color I was sent I believe is "Frosted Chestnuts". I say believe because I did not see a color name on the packaging. It's a light nude shade with lots of shimmer and to my eyes it seems to have a tiny hint of a very pale pink in it. Gorgeous for any skin tone. After using this for a couple days, I can say I am pleased with the quality and wear of this gloss and would love to try more of their colors!

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"NVEY ECO Hydrating Lip Lustre's fusion of nature and color is a dual purpose lip color and moisturizer, enriched with organic elements and Orange Essential Oil.  Can be used alone or in combination with you favorite NVEY ECO Advanced Care Lip Color. "

It doesn't contain:
- Parabens
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates

The color I received to try out and give my opinion of was in "Nude"  The packaging reminds me of the brand "Prestige Cosmetics" for their lines and such. That's what I first thought of upon opening the package. The long handle can make it hard to be a grab and go kind of lipgloss because if you have a tiny purse or wristlet this may not be something you want to carry in it because of it's length.

Now my lips are usually more on the dry side so when I look for a lipgloss or lipstick, I need something moisturizing and something not to sticky because that for me just isn't a good quality in a lipgloss. When first applying Nvey Eco's Lustre, I was in for a pleasant surprise for NO STICKINESS at all. I applied a layer on my dry lips with the applicator and rubbed my lips together and they just easily slid around. It instantly gave moisture to them and a nice clear glossy look with some opal iridescence to it. It also pairs very nicely over any lipstick!

Price point is a little pricey for me but if you are into organic makeup and don't want to risk putting funky chemicals and such on your lips, this is 100% the way to go, and no stickiness! Sorry I just love the texture of this product haha :)

$25 for a 8 gram tube

15% off on any full-size product or tool purchase from now through September 22nd 2011, Just enter this code at checkout: BMTS15

Price range $3-4
Can I just start off by saying every time I pull this little guy out of my purse, someone almost always asks "What the heck is that?!"

That's what drew my attention to this product. The packaging is very unique for a lip balm. The texture of the "ball" as I'll refer to it has a grip to it and is easy to hold and comes in 5 colors/flavors. Also, these are "95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth."

Summer fruit, Lemon drop (spf 15), honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine and sweet mint! Ummm YUM! I myself have tried lemon drop, honeysuckle honeydew and sweet mint. Sweet mint is my favorite and most recommended so far because it gives you that clean tingle feeling and also freshens your breath (at least feels that way). Lemon drop has a nice scent and sweet taste at first but after a few minutes I found I didn't like the 'after taste' and honeysuckle honeydew was tasty and light scented.

These products are worth the price because they instantly smooth over your lips making them show no sign of being chapped or damaged. I have had good staying moisture power since using these little eggs and use it before bed all the time! I would 100% recommend these if you have ever contemplated if they were worth it or not! Especially the Sweet Mint!

Your opinion matters here with us! Tell us what kind of products you would like to have us review and post photos of! If we use your suggestion/request we will give you a little shout out :D