Lice Happens, Be Prepared!
A natural approach to lice treatment & prevention.
Written by: Linda Sessa of sessasalon 978-530-1302

    We all know that there is a stigma attached to getting lice. However, lice happens to the cleanest of us all. In fact, lice prefer clean hair. Generally when lice happens, parents will run out to the local pharmacy and grab the first treatment package they can find in hopes of getting rid of these little critters as soon as possible. What most people donʼt realize however is that these lice treatments contain pesticides! In a normal situation we would never consider putting pesticides on our childrenʼs heads. Research suggests that some of these pesticides may cause health problems including cancer. So what do you do if your family gets lice? Well
there are many ways to treat lice and nits naturally. The trick is to be prepared so that you
donʼt feel panicked and run out looking for the first unhealthy “solution” to this common problem.
    As an experienced hairdresser and mother of two, I have had experience dealing with lice using natural ingredients. While it can turn your life upside down for weeks or months, the key is to not panic. If you have a few ingredients on hand, you too can take care of lice without using commercial products and pesticides. (Did you know that some of the chemicals used in these products are also used on cotton crops to control pests?)
    One of the best ingredients to have on hand are essential oils, specifically thyme, rosemary and tea tree. A few drops of thyme in your shampoo will kill the lice on contact. You can also smother them with oil like olive or coconut mixed with essential oils. (Caution, never use essential oils straight from the bottle. They are highly concentrated and can cause irritation. They should always be mixed with something else, like oil or conditioner.) Some suggest mayo but I think youʼd end up smelling like tuna... no thanks.
    For removing the nits, there is no real quick cure besides shaving the head. This can work for some but not all. Rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar and it will help to loosen the glue that sticks the nits to the hair shaft. Nits will not come off easy, where dandruff will move with the flick of a finger. Then start combing, section by small section over and over again, until you are sure you see no more nits. This is the hardest part but donʼt give up. Spend the time bonding and talking.
    You need a special comb for nits. The teeth must be very close together. You may have to do this a few times to be sure all nits are gone. If you are too sweamish (how the hell do you spell sweemish?) for this job, call a nit-picker. Yes there are professional nit-pickers, but be
prepared, they charge a lot as well they should.
By all means, if you do decide to go with pesticidal shampoos, just use as directed which is usually once and then again 10 days later. No MORE! Exposing yourself or your child to these shampoos too many times may cause health problems later on in life.
    For prevention, simply add some tea tree or rosemary essential oils to your conditioner and it will help deter the buggers.
    Just remember, donʼt panic. Be prepared! Learn about lice now so you can feel a sense of control when and if they happen to you. Itʼs time to start talking about lice openly. There is no shame in getting lice regardless of how you may feel. You are not dirty! Lice happens. Be prepared!
I am so excited I think I might pee my pants!
OKAY, THIS IS NOT A TIP OR TRICK... its a heads up. And i honestly had no idea where to post it! haha
If your like me, you cant wait until girl scout cookie season rolls around so you can stock up. And if your like me, you buy the Girl Scout ice cream as well... 

Girl Scouts and Lipsmackers have joined forces to create five awesome cookies into no guilt treats (for your lips)
Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Trefoils, Coconut Caramel Stripes, and Thin Mint.
Look out for these. They are expected to launch some time in 2012. I forsee myself doing a review.... so keep your eyes peeled.


Having a pen full of chickens in my backyard makes this one a real go to when i want to do a fun face mask. But don't stop reading now if your not Old MacDonald. 

This is a quick and easy treat for all skin types, especially dry skin. I find I have some left over, but usually use it on my little sister, or even my hands. This is a great easy one to do with kids for a fun pampering treat.

Almost everyone has a carton of eggs in their refrigerator at all times. And if your like me, you usually have some yogurt in there as well. 
Got those? Your good to go!

-gives you a great glow
- tightens pores
-deep cleaning
-removes excess oil

What do you need?
- 2 eggs (to cleanse, and remove excess oil, tightens skin and pores)
- 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt (not flavored) ( for moisturizing and softness)
- small bowl
- fork
- foundation brush (optional)

Step 1 - Separate the egg whites into the bowl from both of your eggs.  (I usually cook the yolk for my dogs)

Step 2- Add two tablespoons of your plain yogurt. (I use organic unflavored yogurt. Flavored ones can clog your pores and cause irritation. I bake with plain yogurt instead of eggs usually because of an egg allergy in the family, so I always have this kind. Most health food stores carry it if your normal grocer doesn't.)

Step 3- Wisk with your fork until well mixed

Step 4- Apply to your face with a foundation brush, or you can glop it on with your fingers. 

Step 5- Leave on your face for a few minutes (I usually do 3-5)

Step 6- Rinse your face gently with warm water in circular motions.

Step 7- Close your pores with a quick splash of cold water.

Step 8- Enjoy your soothed and moisturized skin (but try to keep your germy hands off of it.) =)

I do this around once a week to really give my skin a moisturizing drink. I find my skin is very dry after cleansing, even when i apply moisturizer twice daily. This helps balance my skin, and gives me a great glow. 

-Replace your yogurt for honey for an extra sweet softening experience

You are what you eat!
    Not particularly true, but what we eat does play a huge role on how we look. Not only does eating a healthy well rounded diet help our figure, but it also helps our skin ,nails, hair, insides... practically our whole body including our moods. 

    Because of how we live our lives now, always on the run, we may not all eat how we should, but knowing a few key foods and their benefits may boost your enthusiasm for eating healthy. 
    I am not saying that I am the almighty knower of health, because I am not. I don't always eat as healthy as i should, and I am not in perfect shape. I am just sharing some of my knowledge with you guys. I am very interested in food and what it does for our bodies, because for a while i really didn't get the point of eating (but that's a different story for a different time) I have within the past four years, had an almost evangelical reconnection with the beauty of food, and have learned lots on the way. This may seem like a long post, but bookmark me and come back when you have some time. Come join my very interesting and slightly hysterical and at times very inappropriate finding about food. This is information you will be glad to know.  
Lets start with the obvious... 


WATER- Water is amazing. It detoxifies and clears out our bodies, keeps us hydrated and is the easiest, cheapest, most accessible drink.  
It is recommended you get 8 glasses a day, but i strive for about 4 liters a day. (yes, i pee a lot) 
Water will flush your toxins and waste as well as regulate your metabolism, making you feel and look better. 
Water will keep your body moisturized. 
Water is great for maintaining clear eyes. 
Did you know that your blood is made up of over 80% water ? You need water to make healthy new blood cells. 
Did you know that your bones are over 50% water? And yes, you need water to make healthy new bone cells.  
Water a little boring?  
Add some lemon slices. Get the benefits of both!  
Lemons are a natural antiseptic, and also a good amount of vitamin C. 
Have bad breathe? Lemons cleanse your mouth and freshen your breath. 
Lemons will also aid in relieving constipation, and help promote great digestion. 
Feeling sick? Lemons will ease the stomach and reduce the probability of vomiting.  
Vitamin C is a great plus to lemons as well. Getting your vitamin C naturally, instead of from a pill or "drop" is very beneficial. The vitamin C in lemons, is also joined by bioflavonoids (Vitamin P) ... ( yes there is a vitamin P ... hahah) So eat your lemons... or you will get scurvy. jk we aren't pirates.  
What the heck is vitamin P? 
Vitamin P helps strengthen blood blood vessels and helps prevent internal hermoridging   
Overall, lemons are  a tasty, tangy, immunity boost you can add as a flavoring to water, as well as being great for cooking. 
Carrots- (One of my favorite veggies)  
Your mom always told you carrots are good for your eyes.  Well, that true!  
Your friends may have told you that eating carrots would turn your skin orange.  
Also true! (Only in very very large quantities)  
But did you know that carrots are one of the best foods for you?  
Sun protection? - Eating carrots daily can act like a natural sunblock! In order for this to work, you would need to consume 4-5 full sized carrots every day, or atleast 1-2 carrots of carrot juice. This shouldn't replace your regular sunblock if your going in the sun, but this will surely help your day to day skin exposure from the harmful rays.  
Acne prone skin? - Suffering from acne and blemishes? Make carrots a daily eat!  
Everyone should know... - Carrots are rich in potassium. Carrots also have vitamin A as well as Vitamin C.
    Overall- Carrot consuming on a regular basis will give you glowing clear skin. Carrots are very versatile and can be eaten deliciously with almost any meal in many many ways. I will cut up raw veggies twice a week and keep them in my little Pyrex jars in the fridge so they are always handy to cook, or grab and take with me for a snack. Its a great way to bring your veggies on the go with practically no prep time. It could replace a candy bar or sugary snack during the day. 
Sexual Seduction- 
Are you over 18?   keep reading? 
Not over 18?    click away kiddies. 
Okay, now that you look good and feel better ... isn't this a perfect time to ... ummm... do what bunnies do?!?! 
"What the hell are you talking about Alyx?"  
yeah okay I know this may sound far fetched, but trust me on this one.
Bananas- I'm not monkeying around... bananas are used to increase a mans libido. They contain an enzyme called bromelain. I mean come on... it has the word bro right in it. BROmelain . Bananas also have vitamin B, riboflavin and potassium, which will increase his energy. As well as energy, the vitamin B and potassium are vital for sex hormone production. AND... this is going to sound a little far fetched... but eat a banana (slowly) in front of your man... watch what happens...  

    Potassium regulates a woman's thyroid glands...  
now that's some quality 'naners.
Almonds- I use almonds for headaches because I don't like taking medications. They are somehow magically a natural pain reliever. ( that magic is called salican)
Almonds have the ability to lower cholesterol, and regulate blood pressure. But because almonds are a major source of essential fatty acids they provide a great basis for producing male sex hormones.  
And many believe that the smell of almonds is found to arouse passion in women (I don't know if they really have that affect on me though)
Avocado- The super alkaline fruit! (okay I have to admit I really cant stand the taste of avocados unless I drown little pieces in french vanilla yogurt, but for those of you who enjoy this strange little guy... heres to you) 
    First of all the Aztecs called the avocado tree the Testicle tree, so I think i could end here and it would be okay... hahhaha but... avocados are known to increase BOTH MALE AND FEMALE libido. And again, contains potassium. 
Basil- Ever wonder why Italy is considered a place for romance and love? Its in the sauce! ... kinda haha.  
Basil increases your circulation, bringing blood ALL OVER your body.  
    Basil stimulates your sex drive and actually increases your fertility. (umm... wow.) And Mediterranean prostitutes used to use basil oil as perfume to attract customers... (yeah smelling like food would attract a man... you know what they say? The best way to a mans heart (and package) is through his stomach)
Garlic- (my absolute weakness) is going to give you bad breathe, but will boost your sex drive like no other... But hey, true love doesn't care if your breathe stinks, you know? 
    Garlic contains very high levels of allican. Allican improves your blood flow to your sexual organs.  
... and garlic breathe isn't as bad as morning breathe and I'm sure you guys have kissed in the morning. and most likely if your eating garlic, he is too... so just go have a passionate garlicky make out session
    Others to look into for some "excitement" are asparagus, raw oysters, salmon as well as liver. (Okay liver sounds really unsexy, and I'm not going to try some and prove or disprove this... hahaha ) 
    All this... and food tastes good too! Stay tuned for more installments of random foods and what they do for you... because I am filled with weird information and just need time to sit down and type it to you.  
Lots of love, and good food ( and of course good sex) 
P.S. I am not promoting sex. So... yeah . you know ... don't blame me if you get pregnant. Have sex if your in a good relationship with a good person, and you have strong feelings for them, and be safe ... ok? Okay!
    Exfoliating is good any are of your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and resurface the new skin growing underneath. So have you thought of exfoliating your legs before shaving?!
    If not, you should start to now. By doing this it gets all the dead skin cells that can clog your razor which in turn will prevent you from getting a closer shave.
    What's the best way to exfoliate? Click here to be taken to an article that explains it best :)
    I believe this may have happened to every girl that owns lipstick. In the summer, with hot heat and humidity, you go to apply your favorite lipstick and it's semi melted or you push to hard and it just cracks. It's such a bummer to have this happen especially if it's a pricey lipstick! Well don't stress about that anymore!! Here is a simple quick fix so you don't have to go buy a new tube!

    1. Scoop out your broken lipstick & place it inside a clean empty screw top jar.

2. Microwave it  for few minutes. Time depends on the amount of the lipstick.

3. Don’t forget to put label on each jar or place the actual labels of the lipstick and stick it on the bottom.

    So simple and a money saver! Also you won't ever have to worry about the cap coming off your lipstick and making a mess in your bag. I recommend using clear jars so you can see the color easier!
     Mix 1 tablespoon of honey  with 1.5 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Wash your face with a facial cleanser and pat your face dry. Also, consider once or twice a week to use a gentle exfoliant.
    Then apply a thin layer of the honey-cinnamon mix to your face in the same way you'd put on a facial mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash your face for a quick mask. It is recommended to apply the paste to any problem areas before bed and wash it off in the morning with warm water.
    Thanks for the tip Jennell!

Send us your tips/tricks and you may see them posted here!
    This cool mask was sent to us by Jennell!

    Bananas are a wonderful as an anti-wrinkle treatment & are full of vital nutrients for bodies and benefit the skin when applied in a facial mask. Bananas are high in Vitamin C, A, B6 and B12, plus they contain potassium and magnesium. The fruit acids in bananas help slough off dead skin and energize the complexion and moisturize your skin.
     All you need to do is mash half a banana until it is a very creamy texture. Spread it all over your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it all off with warm water, followed by a dash of cool water. Using a soft cloth gently pat your skin dry.
    This method is safe enough to be used daily as well! Also, you can add a little honey to the mixture for even more moisturizing! Your skin will thank you!

**Make sure if you have any left over you refrigerate**

Send us your tips and tricks and you may see yours posted on here! :D
    Have you ever heard of putting toothpaste on pimples to relieve swollen and red pimples?! Well, if not, let me tell you about this little trick.
    Does it matter what toothpaste you use? YES, "toothpaste usually contains alcohol--which dries the pimple--and contains drying components like chalk. If you have very dry skin, do not use a toothpaste with a lot of alcohol. Toothpaste's drying components collect moisture and oil from the skin, drawing it out of the pimple." ( Also, gel toothpastes don't hold up as well as regular toothpaste because it doesn't dry out enough like the regular toothpaste does to help get rid of redness/swelling as well as it doesn't absorb much moisture from pimples.
    So this quick inexpensive fix is good to try and see how it works with your skin. Just test it on on a small area before covering your whole face (if it's needed). Also try peppermint toothpaste for a cooling sensation for irritated areas!   
    Do you notice if you go one day without washing your hair it starts to look greasy so quickly?! Here's a tip to help on those days your running late or just don't have time to wash and style your hair!
    Take a BIG fluffy makeup brush and dip it into a pot of loose powder (or baby powder). Tap it on the back of your hand to get off excess powder and then dust it over your greasy roots and wait a minute. then just blend it into your hair.
    The powder will absorb the oil that makes your hair greasy! Just don't use this method all the time shampooing and conditioning is needed in between, lol  :-P