I do a lot to my hair. I blow dry it, straighten it,  curl it, color it, hair spray it and probably a lot of other things that can cause quite some damage to the delicate hair strands.  As most girls that do similar stuff to their hair in their everyday routine have the question: How can I bring back that healthy strong hair that I had before doing all the heat damage etc?
     Uriélle has a product meant just for that purpose. Their restorative and conditioning styling treatment is made for ALL different hair types  and doesn't contain parabens, sulfates, propylene, glycol, DEA, TEA, or synthetic color and dyes. 
Restorative & Conditioning Styling Treatment For All Hair Types
Pump dispenser helps control how much comes out at once
Uriélle Revitál –Treatment promotes healing and has the ability to restore over-processed hair that has been damaged by chemical procedures, excessive heat styling, free radicals, and environmental factors. Along with color protection and long-term conditioning benefits, even dry and brittle hair is left soft and replenished with a silky finish and brilliant shine. 
     When I opened the packaging to the treatment, I loved the bottle. It's in a sturdy frosted glass bottle (my favorite type of packaging) with a pump dispenser and all the information you need that was on the box printed, also printed on the back of the bottle.     
Nice consistency and easy to disperse throughout the hair.
     In the picture above I gave the bottle one and a half pumps and this is how much came out. It is easy to control how much you'd actually want out of the bottle because of their choice of dispenser. Which is why I'm happy to say they didn't choose a spray or plain old open top. This way you don't waste any product or put way to much in your hair and make it greasy looking.
     All I did when using this was apply a couple pumps into my hand and rub them together. Then I would just run my fingers through my damp hair and style as I normally do. You can also apply as needed throughout the day to protect against UV rays and control frizz!
     My hair felt super soft after using this the first time and didn't weigh down my hair so this is perfect for people with fine hair as well. I'm so happy with this power punch in a bottle with all it's nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, and conditioning treatments that I feel I wish I knew about this even BEFORE I started doing things to my hair. It's like a youth serum for you hair!


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