Google translate came in a lot of handy when it came to opening the package that Couleur Caramel sent us. Maybe we should have taken more foriegn languages in highschool. hahah. But thankfully for me, the website is in English. 
The color I was sent is Orange Beige, which surprisingly matched me. Lightweight , but a slightly tacky texture. I fealt the need to powder over to get a drier finish.  Medium coverage. They suggest it to be applied over their white base for a "perfect result". I did not have their white base, but i did not use any other primers. But be careful applying. The formula dries quickly so make sure you blend fully, evenly and fast, or you will end up with little streaky lines. 
If you are interested in buying this product, I suggest you buy the one in a bottle. I recieved the refill for the bottle to review, so mypacking is a metal squeeze tube and seemed to get messy after a few uses.There is a lemony  citrus scent to this foundation. I really enjoy it, but others may dislike scented face products. 
I like using this foundation for a natural look. 

Fluid Foundation Refill30 ml 99,1 % of the total ingredients in this product are of natural origin.
Price : $30.25 USDFluid Foundation30 ml 99,1 % of the total ingredients in this product are of natural origin.
Price : $43.00 USD

Here is the link for the glass jar of this foundation. http://couleurcaramelusa.com/product/fluid-foundation/34

Couleur Caramel is a "natural and organic makeup and skin care lines designed to give you access to sustainable, healthy and comfortable products."
"A natural organic cosmetics company that develops its products based on the 3 pillars of Sustainable Development: Society, the Environment and Economics. Its objective: to create satisfaction by offering natural, leading-edge technology products at a reasonable price. The ambition: to change the world by allowing people to be responsible for their own consumption. "

This company launched in 2003 in Paris and seems to be growing and spreading making it's way across USA. They have a special site just for interested USA buyers, here is the link: Couleur Caramel

The first product I received and tried is the Nomad Touch (it's vegan). And to be honest since the writing was in french I had to do a little google search to find out if this was a lip product or cheek product. I found out that it's a cheek color and cream eyeshadow. Two products in one! I love products that have more than one use!

- 100% natural ingredients.
- Paraben-free.
- Mineral oil-free.
- No paraffin.
- No silicone.
- Phenoxyethanol-free.
- No oil-derived products.
- No PEG.
- No synthetic colouring.
- No synthetic emollient.
- No synthetic oil.
- Products are not tested on animals.
- Use of recyclable materials.

The packaging on all of the Couleur Caramel products are neat and definitely identify with their brand identity.  They are natural looking and use neutral colors which also pops the color of any of the product inside. The top of the pop on lid is clear which makes it very simple to see what product you are grabbing for instead of having to read the side or bottom of it.

When I first went to touch and feel the texture of this cream, I was in for a surprise. I thought it would be more solid than it was. It was almost as when my finger touched it it melted and made it easier to pick up product which was great that i didn't have to do a million swipes before getting any pigment. If you do swirl your finger in it to much it can melt rather quickly so be careful, you don't want to make a mess :-P

When applying it to my cheeks with my fingers, it went on very smoothly like a liquid and dried to an almost powdery feel to it almost instantly.  It rubbed into my skin with ease and it gives a natural rosy/pinched cheek look which I find very cute! The only concern was it had a little but of a gritty feel to it when rubbing it in. Nothing unbearably or strong, just a slight texture I found when using it. Just by using this product and getting a feel for it, I suggest highly to keep it out of high heat temperatures as it may melt.

This product is great on it's own or even if you use it as a base for a powder blush because it will give your powder something to hold on to. Also, when this product is applied on the eyelids, use an eye primer first, apply the product alone (or as a base for another color) and it gives a gorgeous sheen and shiny red/pink with gold undertone pop to your eyes.
So happy I have a chance to review this item, I have yet to see something similar to this in another brand!

You can find this brand at :
Photo using this product for natural healthy glow!