Hello girls! I want to introduce you the brand "Nude by Nature". I was intrigued and wanted to work with this company because not only is it fun sharing about new brands that people may not have heard about, but finding brands that are great for all skin types and are easy on the skin! It's easy to help people find things that won't irritate their face and need to use even MORE makeup, right?!
    This brand was in the Australia Beauty Awards in 2010! Now as if that isn't exciting enough it "provides a long wearing, water resistant, flawless complexion without the talc, bismuth or parabens that are used in most other major brands." So you can say goodbye to all those harsh toxic chemicals in other makeup.
    We are taking a look at the Natural Mineral Cover. The one I have is for medium skin tones. (You have the choice of light, medium or dark). The first thing I noticed about this was the size! It was huge (15g) and filled to the top! This company does not skimp on product at all which made me one happy makeup lover! Take a look at the photo below to compare it to a Bare Minerals foundation. (6g)
    The container has a screw on lid with a sifter on the top when you open it which is great because that way you don't waste a lot of product with spillage or just picking to much up on the brush. The only thing I like better about my Bare Minerals container is it has a sifter lock, so that if the container gets turned over in my bag, it wont spill more product out onto the lid.
    Now I have been using it for a while now and have to say I am quite impressed. I am usually a liquid foundation person but have been leaning towards this product not only for the review, but because I like the finishing look I get from this.
    With a clean face, I will moisturize it and add a little Reviva Makeup Primer to help smooth out my skin and make application easy. Then tap some of the product into the lid and swirl the super soft brush into the powder and tap off the extra so I don't get to much on my face on the first swipe. I then use circular motions to apply this all over my face. I like a little more coverage so I will repeat the steps till I get my desired coverage.
    I noticed that this product stayed put throughout the day even without a setting spray! Also, it was good at controlling the oil on my face throughout the day because it contains kaolin clay. So it's a must try for people who are prone to oily skin.
    It gave my face a pretty good looking canvas and when your face looks flawless, the rest of your makeup in general looks even better!  The only thing I would suggest is that the company look into making more shade ranges because I don't think three is enough for everyone who would want to try this product. Thumbs up on this product, just needs more shade ranges!
(PS This will last you suchhhh a long time, so no repurchasing as often as regular powder!)

1 Jar = $39.95
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Google translate came in a lot of handy when it came to opening the package that Couleur Caramel sent us. Maybe we should have taken more foriegn languages in highschool. hahah. But thankfully for me, the website is in English. 
The color I was sent is Orange Beige, which surprisingly matched me. Lightweight , but a slightly tacky texture. I fealt the need to powder over to get a drier finish.  Medium coverage. They suggest it to be applied over their white base for a "perfect result". I did not have their white base, but i did not use any other primers. But be careful applying. The formula dries quickly so make sure you blend fully, evenly and fast, or you will end up with little streaky lines. 
If you are interested in buying this product, I suggest you buy the one in a bottle. I recieved the refill for the bottle to review, so mypacking is a metal squeeze tube and seemed to get messy after a few uses.There is a lemony  citrus scent to this foundation. I really enjoy it, but others may dislike scented face products. 
I like using this foundation for a natural look. 

Fluid Foundation Refill30 ml 99,1 % of the total ingredients in this product are of natural origin.
Price : $30.25 USDFluid Foundation30 ml 99,1 % of the total ingredients in this product are of natural origin.
Price : $43.00 USD

Here is the link for the glass jar of this foundation. http://couleurcaramelusa.com/product/fluid-foundation/34


Price: $30 at Ulta

What a wonderful and unexpected find!

I was working with someone who had no foundation on before her shift, a few minutes went by and then I saw her again and her face looked absolutely glowing and imperfection free! I asked her what the heck she used, and by great surprise she said "I Know! Doesn't it look great!" I found out that she used Dermablend's foundation and well....you bet I went and tried it out!

Out of all the makeup in ANY stores, this brand never caught my eye nor did I think it would work as well as it does. This foundation is "medium coverage foundation for minor to moderate facial skin flaws. Provides twice the coverage of classic foundations without the heavy feel. Covers any skin imperfections while giving you a smooth, natural complexion without enhancing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or pores." YES! This description is actually 100% accurate. I always found that the marketing of a product is always out to make the products better than they really are, but with this one I found it to be very reliable.

Now, luckily I don't have to many issues with my skin, but when I tried this product, it made my skin look even better than I could have imagined. It's kind of like when you go to the eye doctors and you don't know what kind of vision you have been missing until they put those little glasses in-front of you!) So I applied it once and was sold. I got my color in Honey Beige that day (it also comes with a makeup sponge.)

What I did notice is that this evens out my skin tone and tones down the red patches on my face and didn't feel cakey or heavy.  The one thing I noticed is that the shade range is diverse, but a lot of the undertones in this collection are a more yellow color. There may have been one or two that had pink undertones, so keep that in mind if you have more of a pink tone to your skin.

Since foundation is a key thing to a finished look, this really pulled all my other makeup together when I was finished.