Do you have a foundation that is sort of on the thick side, or a foundation that you can't seem to get to stay on long and that goes on uneven? What about big pores or oily skin that makes your makeup disintegrate? Oh...also do you love the feeling of silk? Because I know I have answered "yes" to all the above.
    Reviva Labs was kind enough to let us try their Makeup Primer whice comes in a 1 oz bottle with a pump top.  It's not a runny liquidy primer, so it's easy to handle and one to two pumps is all you need for your whole face. You use this over your regular moisturizer or you can use this as your moisturizer to! I have used this for a few days now to get a real feel for it, and I can tell you I am almost excited when it's time to put this on because when you rub it onto your skin your fingers easily glide all over and it feels like you are putting silk all over your face. Ahhh, it's so nice feeling I was almost tempted to use it all over my skin everywhere!!!
   I also put this to the test because I went to the zoo yesterday with my cousin and her little girl, and it was HOT out. I was all upset because I did my makeup and felt like it was melting off my face. When we finally left I was almost nervous to see if my eye makeup was running down my face and my foundation was gonna be streaky n worn off. Um...it literally didn't budge. My makeup looked perfectly fine. FIVE starts for that, thoroughly impressed!
    It compares very closely to Smashbox Photofinish primer but I feel like this would last me a little longer than that because it is well controlled with how much product is dispensed each time and none goes to waste (even if to much came out I would probably put it on dry areas of my skin elsewhere!)  
    For me, this is a must have luxury item and one thing I won't mind splurging on because it makes even the cheapest foundation look 10x better!

Ingredients: Co-enzyme Q10, Olive Oil, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A and more yummy stuff for your skin!

1 oz = $19.50
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I find that most pimers make my foundation and concealer slip and slide away due to excessive silicone. This was not the case here. Reviva Labs makeup primer is a silky smooth dimethicone primer that is clear with no excessive shine like some primers can give. 

I like that the formula works great ove moisturizer, so there is no need to change your skincare regimine. 

Compared to other high end primers I have used, the staying power, and line/pore filling ability of this primer surpasses all others.

I can see this being great for all skin ypes. It will surpress overly oily skin, as well as moisturize dry patchy skin. 

This is a MUST have for flawless foundation, and is an amazing price for what it does.