If I had it my way – and my boyfriend would allow it - I would spend my days as a lady of leisure indulging in the fabulous life as a fully fledged salon addict. However, with the advent of the annual Budget for all of us across the UK and the global age of austerity for beauty lovers around the world, the time has come to really think about moving some of your usual beauty routine from the salons to your bathroom! But how can you achieve salon standard beauty without the trusted help of your professional stylist? Simple; learn their secrets!
    As any good beauty blogger will know, befriending salon professionals is always advantageous, as they are always forthcoming with their knowledge and expertise. I quickly learned that instead of shopping for products as my usual retail outlet, I should buy them from the place actual professionals frequent: beauty wholesalers. There is a greater range of products and at a price to suit your recession-friendly budget.
    However, back to the case in point, with perfecting a salon standard look, you need some salon staples. Here are my top picks:
1. Hairdryer
    From knowledge imparted from my hairdresser friends, they recommend something lightweight, powerful and with a long salon standard cord. This is an integral, yet forgotten about feature, as a long cord allows flexibility and ability to manoeuvre. Check the power rating for a salon professional blow dry, preferably with a combination of heat settings. A silencer is always a much-needed accessory, especially if you’re an early bird with an irritable partner!
2. Styling wand
    Recently, I was inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to dig out my trusted styling/curling wand; it’s absolutely fabulous for creating a gorgeous and flirty hairstyle that has more bounce than even California! Go for a wand with a smaller barrel, as they create amazing curls that transform into romantic waves in the afternoon. I especially love the styling wand as it is fairly low maintenance but creates a dramatic effect.
3. Straighteners
      I’m just going to come out and say it: hair straighteners changed my life, fact. They are so versatile and can create any look from poker straight to lusciously wavy. The main thing when choosing straighteners is not their brand or size, but the type of plate they use. I prefer ceramic straighteners but some salon professionals prefer other types of plates. The secret I learned though was to have an adjustable temperature setting as the health of your hair is paramount in styling and over use of straighteners produces weakened or broken hair.  
4. Rollers
     If you’re looking for natural bounce, then you should take a good look at rollers. Rollers have had some sort of renaissance in recent times, being seen on the heads of the rich and famous for years. Where I live, in the UK, rollers have created some sort of furore as women across the nation have gone to the hairdressers on a Saturday morning, put their hair in rollers ready for a night on the town. Try to use models which have 'heated Velcro' in their name, as these are the easiest to fix in your hair.
     Clippers are the essential hair tool for guys, it goes without saying. However a hair craze in 2010 increased the need for clippers... for women. Once the domain of punks and fashion pioneers such as David Bowie, the undercut became a hair phenomenon and combined long layers with an avant-garde shorn side.

Do these salon staples make your list? Would you make any recommendations?

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