Shaving for me is a step I wish I could skip over every time in the shower. I'm pretty sure most of you guys and gals wish the same. But the weird thing is when it comes to getting a new or different type of shaving cream, I almost want to shave my legs to see if it does anything miraculous or anything that I like better than the previous brand I have tried.   
    When Eco-Armour sent me their shaving foam & body wash and guess what! I was excited to try this new product because it was a foam and not a cream or gel formula. So I guess you can say that intrigued me to see how it would hold up.
    All of these products are made with "all natural and organic renewable resource ingredients." Also, countless hours of research taught the creator that witch hazel was not only good for the skin, but also worked well to keep metal surfaces soft and supple." So...what does that have to do with shaving foam? Well after you shave, dry your razor on a towel, then apply the foam to the razor head and leave on between shaves. This patented step extends useful blade life dramatically.
    That was something I thought was awesome, it serves more than one purpose! Shaving, blade saver and body wash! That's less items to pack when going on a vacation!
    The smell was pleasant but not something I was used to because I usually buy the fruity yummy smelling shaving creams. When using this after a while, I noticed I had to use quite a few pumps to finish shaving both legs. That was kind of a pain to have to keep reapplying the product to my legs because where I am used to a thick cream this went on rather thin and if water touched it would rinse off quickly. That is the only complaint I had for this product. Other than that, I had no nicks, cuts or razor bumps which was a plus!
    I also let my friend Tomy try out another bottle I was sent and here is what he had to say: Thank you for the product you gave to me. The shaving foam is excellent. I not only use the product on my face but also on my chest and abdomen. When using this product I was able to notice I did not get any razor burn. Mind you, I am a mid 20's male with sensitive skin and for some reason i always get razor burn. The foam went so smooth across my skin that at one point I couldn't tell I was shaving. I liked this foam and would definitely consider purchasing it.
    With that being said, he did ask me where he could purchase it! He's very happy I let him try a bottle out. :) If you would like to give it a try, visit their website by clicking HERE.

3.0 oz = $14
7.1 oz = $24

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