Love using your hot tools? Protect your strands with ENJOY Thermal Spray and/or Shine Spray!

ENJOY Thermal Spray offers non-sticky, heat-activated thermal protection for use with heated styling tools. Ideal when styling with curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers as it leaves a firm, flexible, brushable hold.

ENJOY Shine Spray eliminates frizz, adds incredible shine, smoothness and softness. It locks in moisture while blocking out humidity. Great for use with flat irons or to add shine to any finished style.
What do I think?
    I have tried dozens and dozens of hair products because I loveee to try new things but not all succeed and I end up going back to the original products I am used to. I style my hair a lot with heat (hair dryer, straightener, curling wand) and ened protection on my hair while using these tools so I don't end up with hay for hair. Also, when using these tools my hair gets dull so when I had the chance to try ENJOY's Thermal Spray and Shine Spray, I was excited to see how it worked.
    ENJOY Thermal Spray is kind of a unique product to me. Not only did it offer great protection from high heats but the feel of it after was as it was styled and didn't need to add more hairspray after I finished using my curling wand. This practically eliminates a whole step and I don't need to weigh down my curls with more product when finished curling! I love it!
   The ENJOY Shine Spray was the real winner in this awesome duo! I have tried lots of brands that offer shine sprays but none really WOW me. I used this after flat ironing and was so impressed with the gloss my hair had that I ran upstairs and said "Look how shiny my hair is!!" Haha. The smell of this stuff is nice and not overbearing. The only suggestion I have is be careful if you have very thin or fine hair as it can weigh it down a little.

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4/2/2012 04:03:22 am

Thermal spray.

Spirit Runner / Kathy Wilson
4/2/2012 04:09:20 am

would love to try!

4/2/2012 09:27:56 am

Thermal Spray

Donna Hup
4/3/2012 07:56:47 am

The shine! Major frizz here

4/4/2012 08:44:45 am

Thanks for the chance to win.

4/4/2012 10:59:42 am

shine spray:)

Jeni Smith
4/5/2012 05:21:40 am

I would use the thermal spray! but I would also have to say I would use both. :) thanks for the giveaway!

4/6/2012 05:20:45 am

I would use the thermal because I flat iron a lot more since cutting my hair I also color it so I think this would help to preserve the color a bit more than a shine spray

Sahara Rao
4/6/2012 05:26:45 am

Shine Spray while flat iron!

Courtney Tucker
4/6/2012 05:46:43 am

Shine Spray

Sam Eagle (Stephanie Mago-Eagle)
4/6/2012 08:26:46 am

I would use both a lot

4/6/2012 10:19:20 am

Thermal Spray

thi vy
4/6/2012 11:05:57 am

Thermal spray

6/26/2012 12:09:21 am

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10/8/2012 04:23:38 pm

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12/4/2013 10:31:58 am

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