I have always wanted to try to get my hair longer than it was for soooo long. I have just always put it off because the cost of human hair extensions can be very pricey.  Then I came across these Hairdo 23" clip-In Wavy Extensions from HairUWear.com.  So when I got the chance to try one of these out I was so excited to see if they looked real, fake, easy to apply etc. It came with simple instructions on the back (pictured below) of the box, and also more detailed ones inside the box.
Easy instructions on how to apply on the back of the box
     The directions above show pretty much exactly how it's done. I put up a little less than half my hair up. Then I took what was left on the bottom and pinned it up flat against my head using bobby pins. After doing that, all I had to do was open the snaps in the extension and starting at the top middle of my hair where I  separated it, and begin clipping them around my hairline. So simple I couldn't believe it. I didn't have to fuss and fight to get it on either. I took down the top part of my hair and took a picture (below) before curling it to show you the length difference because you can see where MY hair ends.
This is with them on and the top half of my hair straight so you can see the few inches I gained from these!!
     After I took that picture I just carefully took parts of my straight hair and curled the bottom half of it to match and blend in with the extensions. This whole process took me about 15 minutes (20 mins the first few times) to make sure I got it right. When I normally curl my whole head it takes me a good half our to 40 minutes to separate each section, hold the curling iron there, hair spray etc. So this was a great time saver!!

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How to care for them:
  • Since these are synthetic hair and it's wavy they say NOT to brush them.
  • Spray with a light mist of Hair U Wear Leave-in Conditioner that is specially                 formulated to keep your extensions looking fresh and healthy.
  • Remove any tangles using your fingers, pick comb or large toothed comb and gently scrunch to re-set the baked in curl.
  • A water soluble hair spray may be used for a light hold
  • Do NOT use heat on these
     Overall, I really liked these. It's one easy piece as opposed to 10 different clip ins. It looked natural and gave instant style to my hair. It did take a while to get used to wearing at first but after I got used to them and couldn't really feel it on my head anymore. It was a tad itchy at first, I won't lie. If you're like me and like to play with your hair, try to stay away from the wavy ones because if you run your fingers through it the curls will frizz on you.  I am really hoping to try the straight ones out since my hair is naturally straight and would be able to wear those more often!

Easy to use, Natural looking, Instant Style
4/24/2012 08:09:44 am

Very cool! Your hair looks great!

4/24/2012 11:49:38 am

OH MY Goodness you are so pretty! The hair extensions are a great idea! I would do the straight ones too just because the hair is synthetic. Awesome review! I am going to find these...for some volume too, not just length!

4/24/2012 05:24:06 pm

Your HAIR is absolutely Beautiful!! That is awesome. I've never tried extensions before. Thanks for sharing. I need to check and see if this would look good with layered hair.!

Thanks, Jess
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8/25/2013 03:10:31 pm

I must say that you’re a wonderful blogger. I hope to read another one of your posts soon!

10/31/2016 06:51:13 am

Wow that one girl really does look like Jessica Simpson!


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