"That tiny happiness, when your hair surprises you, that is what I was after. To redirect frizz or to create thickness. To see fried, tired hair return to vitality and good health. To nourish and indulge hair with conditioning treatments. To feel cleaner and look more beautiful. That possibility. That is the seed at the core of every product we make."
- Dallia Wallach, Founder


   If you have hair that is dry or chemically treated, suffers from split ends or frizz, then the Intense Hair Repair Nourishing Treatment by Get Glow is a product you may want to consider trying.  This treatment is just like a hair mask packed with tons of important ingredients that your hair needs to be nourished.  You apply it to towel dried hair and massage throughout. Leave it on for approximately 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

What makes it work?!    
Wheat Protein helps mend split ends by coating the outside of your hair and filling in gaps between the cuticle. It provides protection and a soft feeling.
Grapeseed Extracts provide a natural source of essential fatty acids.
Nettle contains more than 20 different phytonutrients.
Vitamin E helps maintain the health of your hair. It keeps moisture in hair if hair is dry and improves movement if hair is stiff or brittle.
Vitamin B5 needed for healthy hair, imparts luster and penetrates the hair shaft beautifully.
Antioxidants including the flavonoid catechinfound in green tea, protect and detoxify.
Pacific Sea Kelp, a type of organic seaweed, brings a rich source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Silica, a form of trace mineral, brings shine to your tresses. Mineral or miracle?


     Now at first I was like "ok I have to wash my hair put this on get out of the shower for 10 minutes and then go back in to rinse" and thought what a pain! But then silly me just thought to bring a wash cloth into the shower with me and towel dry my hair a bit after washing and apply this treatment and then go shave my legs or something for a few minutes and then rinse it out. Much simpler process, haha.

     This is a phenomenal treatment and I do it maybe once a week just to give my hair that extra kick in the butt when it's feeling dry or dull. The only thing is the smell is not my favorite. It has a natural/earthy smell to it. I tend to like sweet and flower smells. But I can sacrifice that for the shine I get every time I use this! Also especially I love how I can easily run my fingers through my hair after I use this! It's like a healthy food for your hair!

$19 for 8 oz. jar

7/6/2012 01:26:10 pm

Sounds like it is an amazing product. http://pprgiveawaysandfreebies.com

7/8/2012 01:22:35 pm

My hair is chemically treated and I use a curling iron daily so I definitely suffer from breakage. It sounds like this product would definitely do it some good. Thanks for sharing.

7/8/2012 02:46:16 pm

I would love something like this for my kids, their hair tends to be really frizzy and dry looking. Nothing seems to help.

7/25/2012 07:11:32 am

I have tried the Get Glow products and love them. I used the shampoo and thickening spray and They work beautifully. Thanks so much for this review, will have to try this next!


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