Pureology’s NEW PRECIOUS OIL is a versatile, caring formula that helps colour-treated hair achieve maximum softness, shine and colour protection. Precious Oil contains 100% biodegradable ingredients in a paraban and silicone free formula, earning it the prestigious GREEN SEAL™ certification.
     This bottle of heaven is $40 and will last you a very long time! It's a very lightweight hair oil with sunflower, coconut, olive and jojoba oils! So yes, it does smell lovely in your hair especially after my hair dries and moves in the wind I can sometimes catch a hint of this smell in my hair and I love it!! But besides the great smell, this product offers a nice healthy dose of softness, elasticity, shine and moisture on your color-treated hair.
    That's what separates this oil from others. It's made specifically for NOT fading your hair color that you work so hard on maintaining. That and also their Green Seal Certification! If you have read other reviews of mine, you know I'm all for being green and doing what I can beauty product wise to benefit the environment, while making my hair, skin and makeup looking fabulous! :)

So, how can you use this to benefit your hair?

There are various ways to use this oil, check them out:
     For radiant Shine:
            - Blend or layer 2 drops with your favorite Pureology styling product.
     For Exceptional Softness:
            - After shampooing, add 3 drops to any Pureology rinse-out masque and apply to            towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.
     For Silky Conditioning:
           - Before shampooing, apply 2 drops on dry hair. Don't rinse. Follow with any Pureology shampoo, work into a lather and rinse!
     For anti-Frizz smoothness:
           - After blow-drying, run 2 drops in your hands and lightly run over dry hair.
     For overnight suppleness:
           - Apply evenly through hair before going to bed. In the morning leave in or rinse    out.
     For gentle detangling: 
           -Apply a small amount in to palm and work through clean, damp hair. Use a wide-tooth comb and work out tangles.
     For skin softening:
           - Apply on clean skin and massage to moisturize.

     So as you can see, there is more than one way to use your Precious Oil! One of my favorite ways to use it is the exceptional softness way and as a skin softening agent. This gets rid of nasty dry cracked looking elbows in a second, plus I can have that lovely light scent on my skin all day long! 
     As it claims, it is very lightweight, more than other oils and serums I have tried which is great because it doesn't weigh down my hair and make it flat. It is an oil not a serum so keep that in mind when applying. It does come out of the bottle a little runny/quick so be gentle when pumping as to not waste any and avoid your roots to not look like a grease ball !
     I was truly impressed with this and will continue to use it now that my hair is highlighted and I don't want to risk stripping it of its color! It's hard to find products so dedicated to color treated hair that actually benefit your hair rather than make it harder to manage. That's why I would recommend Pureology Precious Oil to others looking to give their hair a more vibrant soft shine!

7/21/2012 05:19:49 am

I love the idea behind this. I have crazy frizzy hair and I would love to see if this worked on my hair! I have tried just about everything and often end up looking like a badly groomed poodle!!

7/21/2012 06:59:45 am

I will have to look into this. My hair has it's moments where it can get very frizzy and others where it's just plain dry. Thanks for the post!

7/21/2012 07:08:41 am

I might have to try this, my hair is so frizzy sometimes that it drives me nuts!

Wynter Reign
7/21/2012 07:14:13 am

I need this for my girls. This looks like it would be perfect for them. I have been looking for something that's not heavy that really takes care of your hair. This may be exactly what I need

7/21/2012 07:36:05 am

Looks like good stuff! I'm always looking for frizz fighters!

krista lafave couponfreestuff
7/27/2012 06:54:28 am

I love this! I want this! I have colored my hair for years and would love this! Thanks for a great review!

7/27/2012 10:01:17 am

This would be great for my frizzy hair! Thanks for sharing! :)


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