The Cure 24/7 is a leave in reconstructive treatment with visible results within minutes after application. The name says it all: a treatment that can be done day or night, wet or dry. The Cure 24/7 repairs damaged hair fibers, making tresses stronger, smoother, and shinier. Restoring damaged hair has never been so convenient and simple.

     Everyones always searching for that miracle product that will turn their hair into the perfect hair that we see in magazines and commercials. Well let's be realistic, there isn't a product that can produce photoshop enhanced hair over night (or at all). Sorry if I crushed your dreams. BUT I do have this product which did help enhance the overall feel and look of my hair after just one use.
     The Cure 24/7 was featured in Allure magazine too! "The White Sands Cure 24/7 Hair Cell Renewal serum "has particularly advanced technology for this problem. The positively and negatively charged ingredients it contains form a complex that conditions and glues the split ends back together, lasting through two, to three shampoos." 
     I love that it comes in a pump form just because when it's an open top bottle I tend to always use too much or half to wipe some of it off my hand before applying which wastes product. Who wants to do that? It would be even that much better if it was a spray.  But as you can see the material that was on the cap to give it that metal look is peeling off and bubbling. That's because when mine arrived it had leaved out a bit. Sad Face.
     Besides it leaking I have had a great experience with this hair cell renewal. There are two different ways I used this:
  1. Apply a quarter size pump to your hands and then evenly distribute throughout your damp hair. Applying to your scalp is not necessary.
  2. Apply a quarter size pump to your hands and distribute lightly over your hair to add some shine and tame frizz.

     My preferred way to use this is the first way. This is because it makes my hair a lot easier to detangle and brush through when wet. Which also helps prevent hair breakage by forcing my comb through my hair. It's also very lightweight and works best before you use any other products. It won't weigh down thin hair so no worries there just don't use a ton (duh)! I avoided the top of my head just because when I put anything near it it looks greasy, so if you have that issue I would do the same!
    I really like how easy it is to use and lightweight it is. I use it daily now and every time I love the results and having my hair feel like I just got a trim. If you'd like to find more information about this product or other items they have you can visit White Sands webpage or Facebook.

One bottle is $29.99 and will last you a few months.

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