Who else besides me LOVES subscription boxes?! It's like a present every month an you never know what your going to get! What I have here is a sample program called KLUTCHclub! It is a service that sends a curated and "themed" box ($50 worth!) of holistic health, fitness and wellness products right to your door once a month! Now this is my first box but I have read that they sometimes include DVD's and skincare stuff as well!
     I love boxes like this because they encourage me to better my health and choices I make. It's a great way to introduce new brands and products that you never may have tried before too! It's so fun and feels like my birthday every time a sample program box arrives at my house! :D
Here's what the box looks like and it pulls out like a little drawer. I see myself using this as a storage unit!!
Cutely wrapped and a little postcard that tells you what's in your box and on the other side is a little note from the company.
     Below you will find pictures of all my goodies in this months box! I for sure can tell you that I have never tried any of these before so I am excited to start diving in and trying out all the new goodies! I also want to mention how great this is for on the go people who want trial size things or like to try smaller size items before purchasing a whole container of something and then absolutely hated it! I have found several new brands that I am in love with due to boxes like KLUTCHclub!
Here is what came in my KLUTCHclub box:
  • Mighty Leaf: Make a cup of iced tea with three packs of Mighty Leaf, delicious handcrafted tea blends from around the world! 
  • 1st Step Pro-Wellness: Vitamin B-12 dubbed the "energy vitamin", has some amazing health benefits! (one 2 fl oz jar)
  • Nia: Mix up your workout routine by adding in Nia, a movement practice that draws from the martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. (Got a paper giving you a 30 days free pass!)
  • Mineral Hygienics: Look your best for all those summer parties with a $15 gift certificate to Mineral Hygienics makeup! (So excited to use this!!!)
  • Mole Cule R: Molecular gastronomy, one of the newest trends in fine dining, can be a bit intimidating. Give this culinary trend a try by implementing Molecule-R's Soy Lectin, a natural emulsifier that allows liquids to transform into foam, making your sauces light, voluminous, and incredibly flavorful. (packet with recipe ideas and, one pack of Soy Lectin and dropper)
  • Truvia: A low-calorie sweetener made from the Stevia Leaf, is the perfect alternative to sugar! (pack of 7 and a .75 coupon)
  • Zoye: Next time you step into the kitchen or fire up the grill, use these packets of Zoye Soybean Oil, a healthy option low in saturated fat, and rich in Vatamin E And Omega 3 & 6! (2 .7 fl oz samples)
  • The Breton Gourmet: Gourmet shortbread cookies, made with just 4 natural ingredients. (pack of them, unfortunately crushed but still yummy)

Closer look!
     So as you can see in the list above you definitely get your moneys worth! If this is something you'd love to give a try it's $16/month if you do a year subscription, $17/month if you do a 3 month subscription or $18/month for a monthly subscription. They all include free shipping as well. To me, it's just a little pricey but you do get a good amount of stuff and I'm still excited alone for the $15 gift certificate for makeup! If I was doing the monthly subscription and paid $18 for my box, I already got $15 worth of stuff with one item! So check it out HERE if you are interested in learning more or signing up!
     Adding wall decals to any wall whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or dining room, gives such a lovely touch and personalization.  In the picture above you can see I decided to spruce up my boring old wall space above my bed with this adorable little decal from Decals For The Wall.  They have one of the largest selection of vinyl wall decals to choose from! I mean it when I say a large selection... like over 800 and in over 15 different colors to pick from! The hardest thing about these is deciding which to get!

If you want to see how I went from this 
before to after photo below, keep reading! :)


How to:

1.     Lay out your design and then decide where you want it to go. Once decided, clean the wall space and make sure it dries. (These can be applied to walls, wood, glass, concrete, metal or and smooth dry area) Also wait 2 weeks before applying if the area was just painted!
2.     Lay down the decal on a flat surface and use a credit card of some sort to rub against 
the decal to get rid of any air bubbles and help the actual decal stick to the paper better. It reactivates the bond making it stick better.
3.     Plan where you are putting the decal by using vertical and horizontal lines (or just eyeball it like I did) and start to peel away the transfer tape. Now when doing this, like in the picture below, some parts weren't transferring so I would just cover it again and use my card to run over the areas that weren't coming off and then it started sticking to the right side of the paper again. I recommend you do this part slowly and carefully.
4.     Once you start applying it to the wall, use your hand or card to smooth out any air bubbles like shown below. This will ensure smooth application.
     Now it should look like the photo below. Staying up on its own with the transfer tape still attached. I made sure to run my card along the letters a few times JUST to be on the safe side.
5.     Pick up an end of the transfer tape and slowly peel it off the wall. The decal should be sticking to the wall. If you notice a piece coming up, put the transfer tape back over it and run a card along the area and it should be fine. Pull back the tape slowly!


     This was rather easy to do and finished in 15 minutes. I love the way it looks, it's so cute! I think it's even better then putting a photo or any kind of other wall decor up. The only thing that was kind of a pain was having to keep going back over areas that weren't sticking to the transfer tape with my card, but it wasn't that big of a deal. It's up there now and doesn't look like its going to move at all! Everyone I showed loves it and with all the different ones you can pick from, you can't go wrong. 
     They range in prices so I suggest you check out their website to get a better idea and see all the options for different rooms. I believe they just peel off quite easily when you are ready to take them down, but they are not moveable in the sense where you can take it off and relocate them to a different wall. So be sure you know where you want it to go! I can update you when I move out of this apartment next year how it was to remove. :)