I have another awesome site to show you girls & guys! This website NerdyShirts.com, has shirts "from your favorite movies, cartoons, video games comic books and more". And boy is it fun looking through all of them! I spent some time looking through their funny shirts and decided to pick out the Iron Man shirt in the photo above for my guy friend to try out.
    I ordered it in a size Medium for him, and when it arrived at my house I was excited because it had a little tag on it that said it glowed in the dark!!! (Simplest things amuse me) I didn't know that it would do that, but he liked it as well. I asked him to wear it, wash it and then send me his opinions and this is what he had to say:
    "Thank you for the opportunity to review the 'Iron-Man' arc chest piece T-shirt. When wearing the shirt I found it to be true to size. After a wash it did shrink a tad, but only to make it more of an athletic fit, which i liked. When washing it, the image did not fade, crack or tear. The black did not fade or run from the shirt. It is made of a comfortable cotton and was not itchy or scratchy. The shirt also glows in the dark and it is very neat. After a wash the glow did not stop. I like and enjoyed this t shirt and once again thank you for the product."
    He's a huge Iron Man fan, and approved of the shirt 100%. The owners of this website are great and easy to get in contact with and were awesome to work with. Check them out and tell them that we sent you there!

*Same day shipping (Mon - Fri) for orders placed before 2pm.
**Each item is checked by hand before entering the warehouse and again before being shipped to you.


Whose f***ing baby is that? 
Oh, how cute. What's his name?
Did you fall in love with baby Carlos during the Hangover? Me too! 

Now you can carry him with you just like Alan did. "This hilarious baby carrier funny t shirt uses high quality screen-printing on a heavy weight preshrunk 6oz cotton tee that is machine washable."
Also available in hoodie form! This shirt is soft and has a durable design. Great for everyday or to wear to bed!
    So what is Become.com? They "work to provide comprehensive, relevant, and unbiased research information to help you choose the right product. They also provide a comparison shopping service to help you get the best deal. Finding the right product at the best price to save you time and money --that is their goal. They are meeting this goal by developing innovative new technologies and search services."
    This website is basically a one stop shop and hassle free/stress free. Obviously I went to the clothing/accessories and beauty section :-X haha!  They had "Top Deals", "Hot Products", "Shopping Guides" and more! It can be a little overwhelming at first because you wanna look at everything at once! But it definitely was fun to look around and take in all the information. I loved how I clicked on a product and they put a lot of peoples reviews right underneath the product so you can get peoples honest opinions right there on how good or bad a product is!
    Here are some clothing items that I checked out:
    I just wanted to share with you another great website that makes shopping for you easier and makes it more enjoyable!!! Leave me comments on what you think of this website!!