Even the most expensive makeup can look lousy if you don't have the right tools to work with. 
That being said,  whats in your arsenal?
 And even more importantly... did you have to empty your wallet in order to fill your brush roll? 
We were recently each sent a full sized brush, a travel kit, and body butter by SPAsource. They are a really cool , and extremely budget friendly company from Canada.  
"Professional top-quality cosmetic brushes for precise makeup application and flawless results. Use daily to blend, define and enhance your features. Incredible, affordable prices allow you to spend more on your makeup then tools! "
I love this little quote I found on their website. 
Enjoy - be creative - be beautiful! 
The single brush I received is their PRO-SERIES POWDER brush. It is a full size handle brush, and is a complete steal at only $13

 "Made from premium high-grade natural hair. Lush soft bristles are constructed in a unique torch shape to maximize the even application and blending of loose or pressed powders for a flawless finish." 
The kit I recieved is the PRO-SERIES ON-THE-GO FACE ESSENTIALS. And (insert drumroll) is ONLY $15.00. 
It comes with 5 short handle brushes and a brush roll to carry them all in. That is $3 a brush and you get a free brush roll. This is great for bringing the essencials away for the weekend, or keeping in your purse for touch ups on the go.  
" The compact tote keeps all the tools in one organized place for use anytime, anywhere.  Tote made with easy-to-clean material to keep tote and brushes neat and protected.  "
In this cute brush roll is "all the tools needed to apply, blend, contour and conceal. "

Multi-use Powder Brush mini: use with pressed or loose powder, bronzer, blush and shimmer.

Foundation Brush mini: use to apply liquid or cream foundations and concealers to refresh end of day make up and/or for quick spot touch ups.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush: use to define, contour and blend color.

CREASE BLENDER BRUSH: use with contrasting eye shadow colors to add depth and detail to the eyes natural crease.

use to line eyes with shadows or gel liners and to fill out, shape and define eyebrows
Overall, these brushes are amazing quality for the price. They apply makeup evenly and leave a good blended finish. The are easy to clean and the hairs don't stain. I would really recommend these brushes to anyone, especially if you are on a budget. The can be purchased on their website  and even at some Walmart stores. 


01/28/2012 06:22

I have only tried Sigma brushes so far and some local brands, but these look amazing too and really pocket friendly. Thanks for sharing.

08/07/2012 01:54

Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

Joseph Aidan

10/17/2013 22:52

I liked your blog and went ahead and created a weebly blog too!


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