I was at Target the other day wandering around the cosmetic section, as usual and stopped to try and find some more of those E.L.F. brushes that were pink and sparkly but couldn't find any. I was so bummed out but then was checking out the Studio Line from them and was so impressed with their brushes (and price! $3 each! ) That I picked up a few of them.

Powder Brush

    The first one I grabbed was the "Powder Brush"with the flat top. I looveee stippling brushes because of the flat surface and the way it evenly applies highlights and bronzers. This Taklon brush is more dense and doesn't have the duo fibers so it grabs more product and is good for applying all over face powder.
    Not only that this brush is great for powder, it can be used with wet or dry products! Liquid OR powder foundation, blush and so on. For powder: dip the brush into powder and tap off the excess start near the hairline and work inward so you don't apply to much. For liquid: I would pour some onto the back of my hand and gently tap the brush in it and lightly go around the face spreading it evenly and then buff into the skin for a flawless look. These were so soft and great quality I bought two!

Fan Brush

    This is the first "Fan Brush" I have ever bought or even ever used!! I never really knew what to use them for since I had brushes for highlighting and such. But since I discovered this bad boy for $3, I had to give it a try.  
    The unique shape of this brush 'blends away makeup mistakes and dusts, wipes and contours powders'. I have been using it to put a light application of blush on or highlight a smaller area of my upper cheek. I noticed this brush gives a more natural look and doesn't ever apply to much product for an overdone look. Wish I had gotten it sooner!

Eyeshadow C Brush

    Pictured above is the last brush I picked up, the "Eyeshadow C Brush". As the others mention above, this can be used with wet or dry products as well. This brush I find is good to pack on color and is the perfect size to blend colors together.
    "Dip brush into product and apply to the eye. To create the smokey eye, apply the brush tip on the outward corner of the eye by pressing the color in a C shape from the lash line up. Flip the C on the right eye so it creates and outward curve. Blend color inward for definition"
    That's whats written on the back of the packaging and to me that seems kind of confusing, so I plan on using this to pack on vibrant colors because it's a good amount of density and picks up product easily.

Tell me in a comment if you have ever used E.L.F.'s $1 or $3 brushes and what you think of them!


12/15/2011 20:09

i think their 1$ essential brushes dont even COMPARE to the studio line...theres a huge difference in texture and quality and this is coming from a MUA whose tried brushes from art store's all the way through to M.A.C. Decent buy!!


I agree 100% Cair. Their $1 ones are great for if your traveling and forgot to bring a certain one, but I mean $3, really? You can not beat that! These are sooo soft and apply very well!

03/17/2012 03:45

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