Price: $30 at Ulta

What a wonderful and unexpected find!

I was working with someone who had no foundation on before her shift, a few minutes went by and then I saw her again and her face looked absolutely glowing and imperfection free! I asked her what the heck she used, and by great surprise she said "I Know! Doesn't it look great!" I found out that she used Dermablend's foundation and well....you bet I went and tried it out!

Out of all the makeup in ANY stores, this brand never caught my eye nor did I think it would work as well as it does. This foundation is "medium coverage foundation for minor to moderate facial skin flaws. Provides twice the coverage of classic foundations without the heavy feel. Covers any skin imperfections while giving you a smooth, natural complexion without enhancing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or pores." YES! This description is actually 100% accurate. I always found that the marketing of a product is always out to make the products better than they really are, but with this one I found it to be very reliable.

Now, luckily I don't have to many issues with my skin, but when I tried this product, it made my skin look even better than I could have imagined. It's kind of like when you go to the eye doctors and you don't know what kind of vision you have been missing until they put those little glasses in-front of you!) So I applied it once and was sold. I got my color in Honey Beige that day (it also comes with a makeup sponge.)

What I did notice is that this evens out my skin tone and tones down the red patches on my face and didn't feel cakey or heavy.  The one thing I noticed is that the shade range is diverse, but a lot of the undertones in this collection are a more yellow color. There may have been one or two that had pink undertones, so keep that in mind if you have more of a pink tone to your skin.

Since foundation is a key thing to a finished look, this really pulled all my other makeup together when I was finished.

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