What pretty packaging!! I received this lovely package in the mail from Saffron Rouge, an online retailer specializing in organic cosmetics and beauty product. As you know if you are an avid reader, I loveeee when companies put that extra effort into making their packaging look pretty and like there was effort put into it. Saffron Rouge exceeded my expectations. The first thing that came to mine was if this was a gift I ordered, it's already wrapped and ready to go!
Items Received in the red box
    Inside the box I received a Pure Primer by Inikia, which I will be reviewing here and the other items will be reviewed in the "eye product" section of the blog.    
    The website states that "INIKA Pure Primer consists of certified organic Aloe Vera Leaf juice, Jojoba and Lemon Myrtle to help offer the skin protection and hydration prior to makeup application. It creates an even canvas for foundation application and improves the staying power of your makeup.

Containing certified organic essential oils – Lavender, Lemon Myrtle and Jojoba for nourished and hydrated skin, the primer calms and soothes the skin and offers protection and hydration.

Perfect for dry/normal skin, INIKA Pure Primer can be worn alone or under other foundations."
Sleek Packaging
    I love the design of the bottle and the sleek packaging that even when it's sitting on my makeup desk it looks nice and professional. Primers are an essential for me since my skin can get rather dry and oily in some areas and makes it harder to spread my foundation. Also makeup primers help your makeup last longer throughout the day. It's an extra step in your makeup routine but definitely worth it.
    First time I used this I noticed it doesn't feel like a silicone based formula (like Smashbox's primer) but more like a lotion. Personally I like the feel of a silicone based one more but I gave this one a shot anyways. The smell at first was something I wasn't to sure about but once I applied it to my skin and rubbed it in the smell a;most seemed like a "fruit loops" smell, so I ended up not minding it.
Easy to use pump with no mess.
    I just dispensed 2-3 pumps onto my fingers and massaged into my face before applying my foundation. It absorbed nicely into my skin and to me it felt like it gave a little tightening feeling to my skin (not sure if that's one of it's purposes but I liked it!!). It left my skin feeling like a clean canvas and was ready to apply the rest of my makeup.
    As I tested it throughout the day, my makeup did stay on quite long and didn't 'dissolve' in my more oily areas, which is great because who likes having to constantly retouch foundation!?

    You can find this primer at Saffron Rouge for $47.76
1/27/2012 08:14:58 am

I would LOVE to try that. I also have combination skin. Oily on my nose and bottom jawbone but rather dry other places. Having a primer that awesome sounds amazing.

Alisha Kostiuk
1/27/2012 09:38:57 am

My goodness I have never heard of this but looks like I must try it. The box itself is sexy and lures me in.

1/27/2012 08:29:56 pm

I love anything that can give me some "tightening on my skin! lol LOVE this!

2/27/2012 05:32:31 pm

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