"Queen of Obscene"
"Johnny Concert expresses individual style as a form of art while creating a cosmetic line that is great for our planet and well-being. Our luxurious Avant-garde cosmetics incorporate organic, natural, mineral, eco-savvy and vegan makeup with an edge. Our 100% cruelty free products utilizes a variety of colors so both men and women can truly express themselves while formulating their own makeup identity."
"There is a new b*tch in town. Eh-hem. Queen.. and she’s not taking any of your bullsh*t either. Bow down..lower.. to the most gorgeous light pink."
    Johnny Concert Glamour is a 100% cruelty-free makeup line. I recently did a review on their Mineral Eyeshadow that you should check out as well! along with the eyeshadow I got to try their mineral blush and decided to give "Queen of Obscene" because I don't have a color like it and I love the name!! All of the names of their products are in theme with their brand name and website design, fun, funky and rock n roll!
    The picture above is from their website. For color reference it looks a little lighter than what it comes off as on the skin. But everyone's eyes see colors a little different so you can be the judge. It is very close though so I would the photos are pretty reliable.
Can be worn sheer for a beautiful more natural look or layered for a more glam look!
    I loved the color payoff of this blush. It was easy to apply and didn't cake up on my skin. It lasted for the majority of the day and just reapplied it closer to night to re-vamp it a little.  I usually don't like blush that has shimmer in it, but this had just the right amount in it and wasn't chunky or kiddish looking. It was very small particles that actually I liked. It is easy to blend so it gives a glow along with a healthy color to your cheekies!

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$23 for a full jar
2/10/2012 02:57:43 am

Love the color!! Love the shimmer! Love Make-Up!

2/10/2012 03:19:47 am

I love that it is easy to blend. Nice shimmer :)

2/10/2012 08:35:32 am

Love the shimmer

3/6/2012 10:54:26 am

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3/15/2012 04:39:45 pm

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