Hello ladies! I haven't heard of Mistura Beauty Solutions before receiving this cute little kit in the mail to review. I love being able to venture out into newer (to me) company lines and being able to share the good or bad brands and products that I find!   
    So let's get into what is "The Essential Kit"? As you can see it comes with a little vinyl case that contains the four products shown along with a card that tells you how to apply the products and a list of ingredients. I plan on keeping the bag that it came with just because it's so convenient to reach for the bag because I know what's in there and go out the door.  Also, I will consider something like this for gift giving as well because it's already nicely put together!
    So what is in this kit?! When ordering this you will receive the case, instructions, mini compact of the 6-in-1 beauty solution, mini Kabuki brush, sample of Luminada and a vitamin E lip treatment!
6-in-1 Beauty Solutiion
Kabuki Brush that I use
    This little bad boy right here is what I call something that should be a 'staple' in everyone's beauty bag. There is no guessing at a color for you since it comes in only ONE shade, that works with ALL skin types and colors. So that means no guessing games or returning to do if you always pick the wrong matching colors.
    What you do with it is take the Kabuki brush that comes with it and tap it lightly into the product. Apply a small amount in an upward motion on your cheeks. This gave me a very natural bronzed look that flattered my skin tone and gave more of a depth to my makeup. also brush it across my nose forehead and chin where the sun would naturally would hit my face.
     Along with being a bronzer this product can be used as a  blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter and concealer!  This means that that 5 less products you need to carry around!
    To apply this as a lipstick, apply the Mistura over any of your favorite moisture base, and if you don't have any just use the vitamin E stick that comes in your kit! I tried this and it's a very neutral look that is great to use if you are doing a fun eyeshadow look. But my favorite use out of this product is the bronzing aspect. For me it's to light of an eyeshadow unless used as a highlight and I don't see how I would use this as a concealer because I need a little more coverage, but it does reflect a little light away from the dark circles!
Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer
    Before even applying the item mention above, I tried out the Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer. Now, I'm a sucker for any product that gives a glow to my face, right above my cheek bones. I love love love the look that gives. Plus I feel like it makes me look a little more awake than I normally am, haha!
    This product says "hydrating, illuminating lotion protects from free radicals and premature aging while leaving skin with a radiant, luminous, healthy glow. Mistura’s fragrance-free formula provides a moisture-rich barrier against dryness, dullness and lack of elasticity. Worn before bed or under Mistura’s incredible 6-in-1 Beauty Solution, Luminada™ will leave skin silky smooth and glowing with its illuminating properties."
    It says its frangrace-free but when I smell it in the jar, to me it smells like the paints/crayons you use on Halloween to do face work or whatnot for a costume, but I won't complain because I actually like that scent (odd??). But just something to notice in case some people may not want any scent. But this product does do as described above, it did a great job bringing that glow to my cheeks and reflecting light to help reduce appearance of 'tired' eyes. I must say I make sure to use this everyday for all of it's benefits.
Vitamin E Lip Treatment
    This product I got kinda excited to have in this bag when I'm in a rush because then I won't need to worry about which chapstick to bring and lipgloss. This hydrates my lips right away and goes on clear so I don't need to worry about grabbing the correct tinted lip balm or grabbing gloss because it gave a nice little shine to the lips too. Plus this has no fragrance smell to it at all either.
    This is also the lip conditioner I used to apply the Beauty Solution as a lipstick!! Anyone with dry chapped lips should definitely give this a try because the vitamin E was proved to be one of the best fixes for this common issue. My little tip is to put this on at night and when you wake up your lips will be SOOO soft!

One Kit - $28.99 (Canadian) which I believe is around $29 USD
Check out this Essential Kit by clicking HERE
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