"Brook Harvey Taylor (founder) personally develops all of our fragrances using the highest quality ingredients including essential and natural oils from all over the world to create Pacifica’s proprietary perfume blends. Pacifica does not support the use of naturals that are threatened or where the harvesting of the plant endangers biodiversity or causes other environmental issues. 
     Pacifica adheres to strict IFRA standards, a self-governing organization that sets safety standards for all natural and non-natural aroma compounds."

     I hope you took a second to read the little excerpt above about how wonderful this company is and the standards they have.  That made me fall in love with this company, along with the aromas that come from their products! They carry delicious smelling fragrances, lotions, body butters, scrubs and more. They have four difference scent categories: Florals, Fruits, Herbs & Spices and Woods & Resins! Under each of those categories is a list of scents to choose from! So there are a bunch of options and are easy to find.
     I got to try the Hawaiian Ruby Guava perfume in a 1 oz. spray bottle. The packaging on this perfume is so colorful and inviting!  Also the bottle has a matching design to it which makes it look adorable sitting on my desk.  This scent was "inspired by a surfing trip to Hawaii, this sexy and sultry tropical blend combines sweet, berry-like notes of Guava with a bright, citrusy top note of Pomelo and a warm and subtle coconut base."
Tried to capture the spray :)
     This is such a fun scent. Every time I wear it I get asked about it because it's sort of a unique smell. At least to me I haven't smelt anything similar to it before. I'm so happy I have this right now because it's the absolute PERFECT scent for summertime. It's not overpowering but people will definitely notice it when you walk by them.
     I found it lasted a good amount of time throughout the day but I did reapply it halfway through the day to freshen it up a bit. I only wish it had a cap on it because of the fear of it leaking or spraying in my purse if I was to bring it with me somewhere. Other than that, I am so happy to be introduced to Pacifica and their intoxicating scents.

1 oz. = $22