HeavenScent Soy Candles is a unique candle company started by Lynne Tracy in 2005.  But wait....why are they kinda unique?!  Let me explain why I favor this company now over several other brands.
    When you order from this company, they want you to have the perfect candle that fits YOUR style and personality, or even have it match your room! Still confused? Well, you get to pick scent(obviously), the color of the soy wax you'd like in your jar and the type of wick you'd like (regular wick, no wick, wood wick). I love the idea of customization! It makes it feel like it's your own. With that being said, you can also have the option of incorporate a logo or special message on the jar.   
    Why soy wax instead of regular old candle wax? "Soy candles are made from all natural renewable ingredients. By purchasing soy candles you are helping American farmers. Once the soy beans are harvested they are pressed into wax flakes. HeavenScent Soy Candles uses these flakes along with natural dyes and scented oils to create a premium candle. These candles have a wide variety of benefits over traditional candles.
  • Made from an all natural renewable resource
  • Burns cleaner than traditional candles (No black soot around the top of the jar)
  • Supports US farmers
  • Lasts 50‰ longer than traditional candles
  • Soy Candles are made with non-toxic materials
    When burned, soy candles last longer because they burn cooler than traditional paraffin wax candles. Additionally, soy candles are less likely to trigger allergies because they burn cleanly and do not produce as much soot and smoke. "
    Upon receiving my candle I loved the simple packaging and the plaid ribbon tied around the rim of the jar. To me, it gives a "homey" feeling. Also, it has a note card attached to it with their logo and a suitable Chinese proverb "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".
inside the card
    How did it smell? I can honestly say that I can definitely smell the apple scent. I like my candles strong and able to fill up the whole room with the aroma. This candle did that when I just took off the cap and didn't even light it yet! So when I lit it, the sweetness of the candle really came out and pulled the whole 'apple pie' feeling in the air as if there was one baking in the oven. I believe it's because the sweet sugary scent along with the apples pulls it all together. 5 STARS!
Size comparison
    If this may sound like something you'd love your house smelling like, I suggest you visit their website or Facebook to learn more!

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I will take pictures and do small updates every few days as I use this. So keep checking back.