Love a shiny gloss? Then your going to want to keep reading. Couleur Caramels gloss is rich in plant-based active ingredients,  protects lips and 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

If that isn't amazing enough, this line of glosses have no stickiness to them but do have a staying power. I noticed when the shine of the gloss wears off some of the particles that give the shimmer stay behind which is still pretty and can add clear gloss over it or just reapply more of the original color for a fresh new look.

As I've stated in other lip product reviews, my lips can be rather dry and that's always a key thing I look for when using a gloss. not just the fabulous shine and shimmer, but it needs to be moisturizing and not dry out my lips after a few minutes of wear. This particular gloss has a lot of natural ingredients that provide the moisture and softness to the lips and helped hydrate them. 
The color I was sent I believe is "Frosted Chestnuts". I say believe because I did not see a color name on the packaging. It's a light nude shade with lots of shimmer and to my eyes it seems to have a tiny hint of a very pale pink in it. Gorgeous for any skin tone. After using this for a couple days, I can say I am pleased with the quality and wear of this gloss and would love to try more of their colors!

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April Quinton
7/29/2011 01:03:41 am

It sounds yummy just by the name, I love that it isn't sticky!!


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