Recently I had the chance to try out GIELLA custom blend cosmetics lipstick and lipgloss. I was in for a real treat! "GIELLA does no animal testing, and stands behind its products as the finest quality available in the industry. Our products are all non-comedo genic (non-pore clogging), fragrance free, and allergy free." They have been seen in the high fashion and beauty magazine such as Glamour and Nylon and also worn by many celebrities!
     I got to try two colors of their lipsticks and a gloss. Now before I even begin, they have 70, yes seven zero, shades of lipstick to choose from! 13 are shimmers 10 aromatherapy scents, 4 moisture/matte/antioxidant adds and 3 levels of coverage! They are also 99% pure natural ingredients! What more can a gal ask for besides help picking a color!! Well, you could also use the menu on the right of the site to create your OWN custom blended lipstick! Ahhhh I'm in love. They also match discontinued
     In the slideshow above, I show you each lipstick and the lipgloss swatted on my hand and then on my lips.  The lipsticks are heaven. They go on nice and creamy and have a matte finish. I have to say I'm never usually this pleased with neutral matte lipsticks! The color Judy has some kind of amazing coconutty smell to it. I was taken by surprise when I put it on, because I did not expect a scent at all. It's a definite bonus!
     If your looking for a soft non sticky lipgloss then you should take a peek at their lipgloss collection72 colors, 13 shimmers, 10 aromatherapy scents, adds of soy butter, vit E or matte, tube or wand: get artistic and create your own custom blend lip gloss. Use the menus and guides to the lower right. Our lip gloss base is paraben free, silky smooth and so easy to apply. I could create hundreds of colors! I wish there was a store near me where I could play all day! The one I have is in the color Bubbles and is a mauve pink with teeny tiny particles of gold. When applied to my lips it goes on very sheer but can see the hints of gold. Very pretty to wear with anything or even over one of these lipsticks! 

Lipstick and Lipgloss is $28 each

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6/6/2012 07:12:17 am

I love each of the colors you reviewed, especially the lip gloss!

6/6/2012 01:01:57 pm

I love the colors and that you can create your own!! That is so awesome!

6/6/2012 02:53:58 pm

Those colors suit you very well!! awesome review.


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