Kara & Camie are the owners of Junkie Cosmetics and have loved makeup since they were much younger! Kara went on to work for Lorac Cosmetics and the now defunct Tony & Tina Cosmetics, as a freelance make-up artist and sales rep around various Nordstrom and Sephora locations in Arizona and California. With Kara's business experience and Camie's marketing ways and creativity in two weeks they had started their journey which had created Junkie Cosmetics and they started with this beautiful collection of lipgloss! They are currently working on several additional products, including eye shadow, lipstick and blush!

     These come in a .2 fl. oz. container and has a lip brush applicator. When trying to decide which colors to get it was difficult. They had 11 shades to pick from and they were all so different! I picked the 2 that I thought I would love and that I didn't have anything similar to. So the two I got were in Heartbreaker and Vixen!

Junkie Cosmetics Lipgloss Applicator


Pictured here is "Heartbreaker". A translucent gloss infused with multi-colored sparkles. Your lips will twinkle!
Swatch of "Heartbreaker" on my lips!
     The first color I tested out was "Heartbreaker". A sparkly clear gloss that has lots of multi-colored sparkles with in. As they described it: Your lips will twinkle! When I opened the package for this one I was so excited at how pretty and girly it was! Also immediately thought of wearing this alone would be so pretty but then I also was thinking about throwing this gloss over some plain matte lipsticks to add some glitz and glam!


Pictured here is Vixen. A medium plum shade with subtle golden shimmer.
Swatch of "Vixen" on my lips!
     The second color I got was in "Vixen".  I picked this color because I don't own a color lipgloss quite like this nor have I seen one like it recently. Its a beautiful lighter plum color with gold shimmer which you can really see nicely in the photo above. They seem to put the perfect amount of glitter within their glosses, it's not chunky and not overbearing. This color I just can't get over!

     After wearing these little beauties out a few nights, I have to say I 100% would recommend these to anyone who asks about them. They are super soft on the lips and have ZERO stickiness to them. I feel like all of the colors they have would be very wearable with tons of different looks throughout the years! They just released a pretty coral colored one for summer which I am hoping to get my lips on!
    I do want to note not to rub your lips with a dry towel to take off "Heartbreaker" just because I did that for the photo and had glitter all over my mouth area! Haha, so just use a wet napkin and you should be good to go! I really would love for you to go check out their other colors and "Like" them on Facebook so you can be notified when they have their new products available!! Also, these two are such sweeties!

$16 per lipgloss

5/29/2012 05:10:13 am

I absolutely LOVE "Heartbreaker" I am not into too much color when it comes to my lips and I completely love sparkles so I am definitely going to have to get some!! great post :)

5/29/2012 05:17:44 am

I love these lip glosses! They look awesome.

5/29/2012 05:18:56 am

I love the color and shimmer of Vixen! It is a great color and does not have too much of the gold glittery shimmer which would take away from the color itself, but has just the right amount to keep lips looking moist and shiny!

5/29/2012 05:54:30 am

I have a hard time finding colors that work well for me, but am going to give Vixen a try!! Love the color and way it looks on you!


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