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Gluten Free - Vegan - Cruelty Free - Soy Free - Paraben Free - Allergen Free - Enriched with Vitamin E - Made in the USA - Mineral Based 

What is Red Apple Lipstick? 

Red Apple Lipstick is a brand founded by CEO Jay Adam Harper that focuses on all sorts of allergen free makeup products.  They have not only lipsticks, but lip glosses  lipliners, balms, lip scrubs, eye shadows, etc...
The picture above has been taken from the Red Apple Lipstick website.
Overall, I love Red Apple Lipstick! I love their philosophy and passion towards a "healthier" cosmetic. Most men and women don't realize just how many chemicals they expose themselves to every day. Please enjoy my review, I wish I had more ways of expressing how much I am OBSESSED with these lipsticks now. 

Texture - The texture of these lipsticks feel AMAZING!!! "Like buttah' " (I'm from Boston)  Smooth and silky. Gives your lips that great "glide" when you rub them together. The vitamin e in them gives you long lasting results as well. 

Scent/Taste - Reminds me of when I first started getting into makeup and was really into Lip Smackers. They have a very generic fruity smell that could be a "watermelon" or a "strawberry kiwi" type of smell often found in children's chapsticks. Personally I really like it and it isn't very strong but if you are very very sensitive to smells, you may want to be look into it a little more. And although you shouldn't eat cosmetics, I tend to lick my lips. The flavor is what you would expect, a fruity wax taste. 

Packaging - Not only does your order arrive dressed like a present in fun green tissue paper, and a reusable canvas type drawstring bag, but the tubes rock too. The tubes are a round solid semi-matte black plastic. "Red Apple Lipstick" is embossed in "shiny clear" on the side of the cap, and the RAL logo of an apple with lips is embossed the same way on the top of the cap. The base of the lipstick has ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TEXTURE! This was honestly one of my favorite aspects of these lipsticks. They look so edgy and expensive. They texture is just a simple dot pattern, but it makes holding these lipsticks so easy. (Even when you have slippery face primer fingers...) The tube itself is a shiny silver finished plastic. My only downfall about this was that it gets fingerprinty easily. Twisting up and down the lipstick is extremely smooth and sturdy feeling. (You know how some lipsticks twist themselves back down when you go to apply it? NOT HAPPENING HERE) Pulling the cap on and off has a great and satisfying "click" noise as well. (It is the little things that really get me excited.)

Customer Service - I can not even express how friendly, generous and just down right goodness  the whole Red Apple staff possesses.  Have a question? They will probly get back to you within 20 minutes lol. Somehow they are all magically around to help out. They also all have a great passion for what they do. It really shows and makes me feel that much better about using their products. 

THEY OFFER GREAT DISCOUNTS -  Red Apple Lipstick has both a VIP Membership, as well as a buy back program. I recommend taking advantage of one of these (or both). Everyone is trying to pinch pennies these days, but RAL  makes it easy to still get your cosmetics fix. 
Buy Back Program -

Berry Blast 

Berry Blast (SP4) sells for $23.50. It is part of the Summer Passion collection. This rosey redish berry color has some copperry shimmers in it.  Can be a subtle "lips but better" color or be layered on itself for a more sultry smooch.
1/18/2013 07:55:07 pm

glad to read your article, thank you

Dora J Crow
1/29/2013 12:12:47 pm

This is such a good review of Red Apple Lipstick Berry Blast. I love the photos you are showing, it really helps me to see the actual color on someone's lips to be able to decide if I want to purchase that color. You look beautiful, your eye makeup is gorgeous! Thanks, Dora J Crow


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