This is how it works. You first put a base coat on you nails and allow that to dry, then paint any color that you would like to be showing through the cracks of the shatter. Once that is completely dry then you can begin the crackle application. Paint on a thin layer of crackle and be sure to not go over the same spot twice because then it will make less cracks or may end up being to thick to even crack at all. Then almost instantly it starts cracking and separating as it dries. Finish with a clear top coat (my favorite is Seche Vite).

These come in a variety of colors and you can get real creative with the colors used with their base colors.
I want to start of with saving me and Mr. Shatter have a love/hate relationship. The concept of this polish is great and fun! It flies off  the shelves at stores and everyone is wearing it. When I have this shatter on my nails, I must say that I do get a lot of questions and compliments on it, which I'm always more than happy to explain to them.

Now, the hate(more like dislike) part... The OPI brush is the perfect size brush to get the one sweep across the nail bed and makes it easy to not have to go over it, but the product dries so fast that sometimes when I start at the cuticle and bring the brush forward its drying as I do that and the brush "skips". By skips I mean stops applying any polish to the nail. That can get frustrating because if you can't manage to fix it you have to take the polish off and start from scratch. Also found it to clump up a lot.

I did learn a neat little trick though. If you like the vertical cracks then just apply it as you would regular nail polish. But if you would rather have random cracks in all directions paint the shatter on in random strokes!

Overall, I believe this nail polish is worth trying at least once. It's fun and can add a real spunk to your nails. There are cheaper alternatives to the OPI Shatter (Sally Hansen Crackle) but I like the formula and way the OPI works better.


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