Hello! I have an awesome product here from 3DLaserGifts.com. This website has a bunch of different crystals that you can get 3D photos personalized and laser-etched into! "With a full range of awards, memorials, gifts, and promotional products, your friends, family, and business associates will be sure to love our products."
     When I first came across the site, I could already think of 10 different photos I'd want to use and I thought of all the great presents I could give to people with my favorite photo with them etched into it. This is just one of those items that would make anyone smile when they open it and see it on its base slowly spinning and a light shining through it.
Sturdy box that the crystal came in
"We offer only the finest crystal products and can engrave practically any type of design
or logo on a variety of styles and sizes. Along, with our unparalleled image artwork
based on your specifications, leading technology using green light laser, which produces the
highest quality in laser etching reproduction, and fast shipping!"
This is the what you put the crystal on and push the button on the left and it lights up in the center and spins!!!!
Picture I sent them to engrave into the crystal
Awesome final result!!!
Side view! Awesome 3D work
I got the date we started dating also included with out names
     All I had to do was email them a photo that I wanted and the words/dates that I wanted on the bottom and that's it! I got mine very quickly and was actually surprised! I thought since it was a personalized item it may take a bit longer but it came very quickly. I had a little issue with the first one I received (I think the mailman was careless) and told 3DLasergifts.com and with NO ISSUE they sent another one to me right away! Awesome customer service!!
     I love the overall quality of this and love the fact that I could put anything I want on the crystals and make it special for any occasion. I am so stoked for when I get my own place next year, because I can't wait to sit this on the table and watch how many compliments I get on it. :) I couldn't be happier with this item! Beautiful and personal.


9/27/2013 11:44:01 am

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