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    Spouse Got The House began as a simple idea that whenever divorced people share their experience with others it promotes the healing process. And yet divorce is an awkward topic. Ironically, there is a longstanding lack of recognition for the divorce experience even though it is a widespread part of life’s shared experiences. We believe that surviving the many challenges of divorce is just as momentous as other milestones such as graduations, anniversaries and retirement.
    Spouse Got The House, whether taken figuratively or literally, is intended to symbolize acceptance rather than denial. Our products serve to inspire people to begin their journey toward a new life.
    The unique branded messaging on our products can open the door to necessary conversations. Whether it’s displaying a Spouse Got The House car decal while driving, wearing one of our T-shirts or hats to the grocery store, or sipping from our coffee mug at work, people will know the subject is not off-limits. In that spirit, our merchandise serves to dispel the negative stigma of divorce. So choose one of our thoughtful gifts that show you care - whether for yourself or someone special.
     They have a variety of different items that you can choose from that have their phrase and logo that can be used around the house, on a counter top or while your on the go. I decided to take a closer look at the Island Breeze scented 10 oz. Soy Candle. "Create a mood to illuminate your newfound freedom.  Our stylish candle comes in a thick glass jar and is “gift-ready” wrapped in clear cellophane with Red bow.  Makes a perfect companion to our luxurious Bath Soak."
     This candle is very pretty in any room when lit. I actually never had a candle with two wicks before (is that weird?) and I am so happy to be able to own this fresh yummy smelling candle.  The fact that it has two wicks is SO much better than one. Especially since the candle is a good size, it melts more even than one wick candles. Also, the two wicks helps disperse the scent more around the house which is obviously great because that's what they are supposed to do!
    The scent isn't overbearing or perfumey so this candle would be awesome for someone who likes light scents that will still spread throughout the rooms. I know some candles can have way to much fragrance and ruin the whole nice cozy setting that a candle can give. 
    As if that isn't enough, the candle has the whole message they are trying to send as stated in the first few paragraphs which can be an ice breaker to any newly separated couples. The logo itself has a sense of humor to it and shows that you wouldn't mind explaining why you chose this candle. Hey even if your not divorced, this candle still smells great and carries a wonderful light aroma. Check out this candle in the link above and also see how else they use their logo!

10 oz. Soy Candle: $16.00
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I stumbled on this from Google and wanted to say thanks for posting


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