Recently I had the chance to try out a pair of OOfos. I decided to get a pair of their thong flip flops since the warmer weather is slowly coming. I have heard a lot about these sandals from other blogs and they were always raving about how awesome they are so I was pretty excited myself! I couldn't wait to see what the big deal was about these and how they were so different from any other flip flop.
     "They created the revolutionary OOFOS brand experience powered by an innovative, visionary material called OOfoam. The patented foot-bed design delivers an unprecedented experience because of its unique energy absorption capabilities." From doing all sorts of tests, they found that OOfoam is 37% more impact absorbing than any other EVA, which is the most commonly used material in footwear! So that means obviously more comfort, reduces that tired feet feeling and cushion!
     I decided to get them in black so I can wear them with just about anything. I got them in a size 9 and they fit pretty true to size. Although I could probably get away with an 8 if I really wanted to. They are a little thicker than the flip flops that I am used to (old navy) but that didn't bother me. I slipped them on and instantly said "Ooooh" out loud. It was like slipping on pillows under my feet!
     They OOfos thong sandal fit snug on my foot and my feet felt nice and secure in them. My fiance asked where I was going because I was walking around the house in flip flops and I told him that these were like walking on pillows and I just didn't want to take them off. He thought I was crazy but could tell I was serious!! I really like them because they have a little bit of an arch to them which helps me specifically because I am flat footed and this helps my feet not hurt after a while. Also, if you think of regular flip flops, they are as flat as a board which wouldn't help my case at all!
     Although, style wise, they wouldn't be the first thing I would look at in a store. But after putting them on my feet and seeing how much better I felt after a day of wearing these as opposed to cheap flip flops, I would totally recommend these to anybody! Comfort and preventing pain in your feet is important and will make your feet thank you later!! I hope to see more styled designs come out soon too. Maybe a little thinner platform and thinner strap or maybe even some designs put on the straps?! What do you think? Be sure to check out their other shoes too by visiting their website!
     Apricot Collection is an online boutique that carries chic mid-range clothing lines, jewelry and accessories from North America and Europe! They carry a nice variety of clothing that can be worn everyday, to the office or even just sitting at home. Nowadays, that really helps because women usually have to buy separate clothes for work, at home and nights out. I found quite a few pieces on their store website that could be used for all three of those situations which is really great and makes my life simpler! 
     I had the chance to pick an item to review and I decided to try an adorable cardigan with ruffles at the bottom that gave it such a cute look and can be paired with almost anything! It also is something I haven't quite seen at any retail store so I had to have it! I actually noticed that with a lot of clothing they have, it's not just copycat products, they are unique and beautiful pieces!
ruffled cardigan
     Pictured above is my adorable cardigan that is perfect for spring and when some days are just a little chilly! It's very lightweight and really adds some character to your outfit! As mentioned before this is one of those pieces that I could wear around all day at home, on a night out or even at work! It's very versatile which is what I love! I usually pair this cardigan with black leggings and a white or black undershirt but obviously there are more ways to wear this piece.
Apricot Collection
     The ruffles on the bottom are so cute! The cardigan is a great length and covers your bottom incase your a little more modest and don't want your bottom showing if you have leggings on.  Also, for girls like me lacking in the butt department a little, the ruffles help play it up a little. ;) I really love throwing this on and I always am getting asked where I got it because everyone loves the details of the ruffles and that they are on the bottom as opposed to a lot of other cardigans I see that have them going down the front.
Cardigan with ruffles
     Another great way to wear this is to add a belt to it. It doesn't have a zipper so for the most part it will be open when wearing it but you can easily change the look and add on a belt! I love accessorizing and was extremely happy that I was able to do so with this cardigan. I noticed with the belt that it stayed closed and also gave a nice shape and look to the cardigan as well. I wear it like this all the time!!
     If you would like to check out their other cardigans and clothing items please I encourage you to check out their brand new website! You will find a variety of styles and sizes! They are are on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest & YouTube! If you're feeling lucky, enter below for a chance to win a $50 giftcard!!
     "The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. (Wikipedia)"
     Now there is are affordable gun tee shirts that you can purchase for $19 and support the Second Amendment! People wear all kinds of shirts to support different groups, religion, bands etc. So if your a supporter of the Second Amendment this is perfect for you!
     They come in over 300 style, color and size combinations too! So you don't need to get the one I have pictured above. They are pre-shrunken so they won't shrink when you wash them which is great because they are true to size. I love the cotton in this shirt, it's thick and not going to fade or get damaged easily like some thin cheaply made T-shirts. So I'd give it a 10 on quality! 
    They have other designs as well so if you love guns and support the Second Amendment be sure to check them out for you or someone you know who would like these!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
     This site sells all types of comfortable and stylish shoes for women, men, and kids.  Houser shoes is known for there comfortable ladies sandals and quality shoes. In 2004, was launched with the goal of being a leading seller of shoes online. The website has continued to grow, expanding the product base and adding new features. Despite the lack of face to face interaction when buying shoes online, Gary Houser has always kept the same philosophy in mind – that customers are the most important people in any business.  He is also someone who worked his way up from sales and stock to assistant manager to manager then district manager! So he's seen all different aspects of buying shoes and different styles. 
     I wanted to share this website with you mostly for their adorable sandals for summer and the comfort level! You can tell just by looking at the photo above how soft they look to walk in. Especially because sandals, especially the plastic and rubber ones can get super uncomfortable! Not to mention, they have over 450 styles!!! They have the cutest collection and the attention to detail is fabulous!
    Now, the sandals are super cute but they also carry boots, work shoes, dress shoes, slippers, casual and more! They didn't forget about the boy and kids that may be in your life too. They make a lot of other brand name shoes for them as well! They also offer free shipping on any domestic order over $49.88 and you can return them within 30 days of the sale date if you don't like them or they don't fit!
    Don't like shopping online for shoes? Well if your located near one of their current 10 stores you can visit them in person! Houser Shoes retail locations are spread throughout the American Southeast with locations in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. You can click here to be taken to their current locations and see if your near one. Even if your not, your bound to find a pair online that fits your style and with their great return policy shouldn't have any problems!
Some of you may remember me sharing pictures of the Winter 2012 line for the Clothing company Justice In Eyre as well as giving a mini intro to the brand. If you didn't get to see the post , check it out here.
The part about Coming Soon... yeah just kidding ... ITS ON SALE NOW!
Their shirts are great quality, super comfy, and really affordable. 
Please read their "About Us" HERE
They are really awesome kids, with awesome views on life, and an awesome clothing company I think you guys should all go check out. 

Go check out their site HERE
And "Like" them on Facebook. HERE
Stalk their Tumblr.  HERE

All pictures are property of Justice in Eyre clothing. 

Click on the concept art above to be taken to the final product of each.
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     Jildor Shoes is an e-tailer, as well as a retailer of fine footwear for women and have been in business for over 60 years!! When I tell you, that if your looking for some of the cutest designer shoes and you want options then you need to check this online store out if your not near one of their locations. They have shoes from "7 For All Mankind" to "Valentino"!

  Browsing there site is so entertaining. They have such great details on their website so you can see every angle of any shoe that you are interested in. They show the front, back, side and other angles. Also, details about the designer, lining, zippers and heel height. Here is a shoe by Badgley Mischka that I thought was super cute!
     I also love that on this website you can browse by category, shoe size or designer. It makes looking for what you want pretty simple and weeds out all the ones your not interested in looking at.  Something that I have been keeping tabs on is the "New Arrivals" tab on their webpage! They have so many new designs that I have never seen before! I'll post some examples below!
     If you browsed there site and are really into shoes and getting the latest on new styles I would bookmark this page! Also if you would like to see another website that is as simple to navigate like this one but for designer fashion, I suggest you visit Blue Fly! They have handbags, accessories, makeup and more! Hope this helps you find your new must-have items!
    I had the chance to get this silly golf shirt and thought what a great gift it could be for Fathers Day if your father is into golf! Or even just as a funny gift to someone for a birthday or just a random present! This particular one is called "Golf Evolution"  If you visit their webpage, they have a bunch of other golf shirts that are even funnier! If you do have a golfer in your life, then this website needs to be in your Bookmarks!
     As you can see in the photo above, the quality of the printing is excellent! Crisp, clean image printing. Also the material was not a cheap thin material either. With that being said, I want to mention their guarantee:
We are committed to providing you with only the highest quality products and service.
When your order arrives if your shirts don't fit properly, please contact us
within 24 hours to exchange them for the correct size.

If you find that a shirt is damaged or unsatisfactory, please contact us for
a refund or replacement within 72 hours of receiving your order.

If for ANY reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, contact
our customer service dept. and we will make it right for you. Guaranteed!

    You have to appreciate a company that has so much pride in their product! I got a medium for my boy and it fit very true to size. Overall, I'm sure there is a T-shirt for your golf enthusiast in your life on here that will make you both laugh! I'll share some more designs below.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
    Cool biker shirts can be hard to find. Some have way to much going on on them or not enough design. I found that Hot Biker T-Shirts has a great range of images and designs to choose from along with colors and styles to choose from (hoodie, girls, mens etc). So if your looking for good options I'd suggest you start here.
    The one that I had received is the one pictured above, Whiskey Original. They use the highest quality, 6.1 oz. thick cotton t-shirts. That's the thick, soft, luxurious kind that lasts. Yes, it may be a little more pricey but the quality is shown in this shirt.  This particular design has a 'worn' look to it which Tomy really liked and you can tell it was meant to be printed that way.

Tomy:  "The whiskey T-Shirt that was given to me was very similar to the skull shirt from.
It does fit true to size. I do still like the design but i do not like how its plain on the front.
The shirt does bunch up at the shoulders and leave a small hump around the back of
your neck.  I like the shirt, i will wear it, however i think it needs a design on the front "

Hot Biker T-Shirts are committed to providing you with only the highest quality products and service. When your order arrives if your shirts don’t fit properly, please contact them within 24 hours to exchange them for the correct size.  If you find that a shirt is damaged or unsatisfactory, please contact them for a refund or replacement within 72 hours of receiving your order.

If for ANY reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, contact their customer service dept. and they will make it right for you. Guaranteed!

All shirts are $19
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
Click image to make larger is a Fashion community that is like Pintrest, Lookbook.  If you have a passion for fashion and want to have a new way of communicating with others of the same interest and share your style this is the place to get started.
     If you are a member you can post your own looks, what products you are loving, follow other members, find new designers and earn points based on how much you do with your page.
     Say you are following a person that has the same likes that you do and they post a photo of a shoe that you fell in love with and MUST HAVE...but where do you get it? Well with this website, all you need to do is click the product, it links to the store online and makes it that much easier to get your hands on the latest trends that you love.
     This online community works together to help share styles, trends, designers and more! A great way for beginner fashion designers to get their ideas out in the open as well! I could sure spend a good few hours checking out this website!
     Do you have any friends that ride Bikes or just love that biker/punk look to their clothes?  When I came across this product for review from Liquid Blue Biker Tshirts, I instantly knew my fiance would be excited to have this. He tends to like the whole skull/America look. Sure enough when I told him about it he asked me a few times if it was in yet. <3
     They carry a bunch of different style shirts geared towards Bike riders but anyone can wear them! Their shirts have a blank design on the front and all the detailed graphics on the back of the shirt. This is because when riding on a bike, the only part of the shirt visible is the back! (They do have some seriously funny ones too)
Back View
Front View
     Here is what Tomy had to say about it after a few wears:

     Thank you for the t-shirt. The shirt fits true to size. The design is screen printed in the back and even with a few washes it still has not cracked or ruined. However the shirt seems to bunch up around the neck area in the back
and create a small hump. I assumed it was the tag and removed them but it still bunches up. The design is pretty cool and very patriotic which I love but the shirt only has a design on the back and it appears to be a blank t-shirt from the front which I found strange. I am satisfied with the shirt and I will continued to wear it. On a scale of 1-10 I rate the shirt a 7. 

Thank you

     After telling Tomy these shirts are designed for bikers he gave a big "ahhh!" noice and then got why the front was blank. Even though he now knows why the front was blank, he still thinks it'd be nice to have a little something on the front....maybe even the brands logo in the corner just so it isn't so bland if your looking at it from the front. I have caught him wearing this three times already. I knew he'd love it ;)
Another picture of a shirt they carry
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.