Apricot Collection is an online boutique that carries chic mid-range clothing lines, jewelry and accessories from North America and Europe! They carry a nice variety of clothing that can be worn everyday, to the office or even just sitting at home. Nowadays, that really helps because women usually have to buy separate clothes for work, at home and nights out. I found quite a few pieces on their store website that could be used for all three of those situations which is really great and makes my life simpler! 
     I had the chance to pick an item to review and I decided to try an adorable cardigan with ruffles at the bottom that gave it such a cute look and can be paired with almost anything! It also is something I haven't quite seen at any retail store so I had to have it! I actually noticed that with a lot of clothing they have, it's not just copycat products, they are unique and beautiful pieces!
ruffled cardigan
     Pictured above is my adorable cardigan that is perfect for spring and when some days are just a little chilly! It's very lightweight and really adds some character to your outfit! As mentioned before this is one of those pieces that I could wear around all day at home, on a night out or even at work! It's very versatile which is what I love! I usually pair this cardigan with black leggings and a white or black undershirt but obviously there are more ways to wear this piece.
Apricot Collection
     The ruffles on the bottom are so cute! The cardigan is a great length and covers your bottom incase your a little more modest and don't want your bottom showing if you have leggings on.  Also, for girls like me lacking in the butt department a little, the ruffles help play it up a little. ;) I really love throwing this on and I always am getting asked where I got it because everyone loves the details of the ruffles and that they are on the bottom as opposed to a lot of other cardigans I see that have them going down the front.
Cardigan with ruffles
     Another great way to wear this is to add a belt to it. It doesn't have a zipper so for the most part it will be open when wearing it but you can easily change the look and add on a belt! I love accessorizing and was extremely happy that I was able to do so with this cardigan. I noticed with the belt that it stayed closed and also gave a nice shape and look to the cardigan as well. I wear it like this all the time!!
     If you would like to check out their other cardigans and clothing items please I encourage you to check out their brand new website! You will find a variety of styles and sizes! They are are on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest & YouTube! If you're feeling lucky, enter below for a chance to win a $50 giftcard!!
4/21/2013 06:31:05 am

Love that cardigan! Love the easy inning shirt too!

4/21/2013 06:40:27 am

I love that ruffled cardigan you have on!

Rebecca Xavier
4/21/2013 06:53:27 am

I like the lovely crochet cardigan.

Amy S.
4/21/2013 07:01:24 am

Oh, I love that cardigan! I could wear it with just about anything! Thanks for sharing!

4/21/2013 07:10:46 am

These was not easy, they have some really beautiful pieces. But I happen to really like this dress: https://apricot-collection.com/product/yes-its-a-dress/ Thank you!

Brie Snyder
4/22/2013 04:55:46 am

Very very cute cardigan. Totally entering!

Brie Snyder
4/22/2013 05:01:13 am

I would get the lovely crochet and other cardigans. The skirts are really cute too! Thanks for the chance.

4/22/2013 06:18:09 am

Very cute!

Diane Passanisi
4/22/2013 11:36:58 am

The cardigan looks very comfortable.

Eva Biggs
4/22/2013 12:32:41 pm

Buckle up.

Eva Biggs
4/22/2013 12:35:15 pm

The ruffle cardigan is very cute also!!!

4/22/2013 02:32:44 pm

oh my word...what would I NOT get? I'd get the pencil skirt I think! https://apricot-collection.com/product/our-pencil-skirt/

4/23/2013 12:27:06 pm

I like their tops a lot!

liz l
4/25/2013 11:35:00 am

animal instinct shirt

4/25/2013 11:40:59 am

I love the lace cardigan its so nice.

Lydia Harpe
4/28/2013 03:48:38 am

I love the ruffly beige skirt from the spring collection :)

4/28/2013 07:21:59 am

I'd love to get the Juicy Orange dress!


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