Bra Straps are showing everywhere and women are looking for a solution! Exposed Envy offers over 100 styles of gorgeous removable bra straps that attach to any convertible or strapless bra. WIth rhinestone and beaded straps for evening and casual printed and fabric sparkle straps for tank tops and everyday wear, exposed bra straps are no longer tacky and are now simply another way to accessorize!
How they were packaged :)
     Do you wear a lot of off the shoulder shirts or dresses? What about boring old clear bra straps that just ruin your outfit? This could be an alternative for you. Exposed Envy is a company that makes everyday, dressy, fun bra straps that you can attach to any convertible or strapless bra!
Daisy Print Bra Strap For A Convertible Bra and Strapless Bra
White and turquoise blue daisy print bra strap attaches
 to any convertible bra or strapless bra. These are so awesome for every day wear with tank tops and other fun outfits. These are so cute and much better than a plain bra strap or clear bra strap! 
     These daisy printed bra straps are super cute for teenagers and the younger girls out there. I can see a lot of different kids I know that would love to show these when wearing a tank-top rather than a plain white or black strap! They have a bunch of different straps perfect for younger girls, so if daisies aren't your thing, check out their other options.

Red Garnet and Crystal Rhinestone Bra Straps
Red garnet and crystal rhinestone bra straps are delightful bra accessories! Four rows of brilliance make up these bra straps & are sure to be envied. No longer struggle with a strapless bra. Simply attach these bra straps to any strapless bra or convertible bra & get the support you need with style.
     I fell in lovee with the idea of these when I took them out of the little pouch! I could see myself wearing a dress or black off the shoulder shirt with these shiny rhinestone bra straps showing! Adding such a statement to any shirt! 
      Be careful with delicate fabrics with the rhinestone straps as they can snag onto some fabrics. Mine did a little bit when taking them out of the pouch. But other than that they are surprisingly comfortable and sparkly and perfect for summer!!

     They offer free shipping for orders over $50, a free gift with orders of $75 and over. Then when you spend $50 or more, 5% of that goes to this charity.


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Courtney Tucker
4/2/2012 12:16:35 pm

What a neat idea, they all look nice, think I'd like to try the Gem Bra Straps!

Renee Sapone
4/3/2012 08:47:42 am

I would pick the Pink Daisy Print Fabric Bra Strap, the Purple Crystal Clear Bra Strap, and the Black Bra Strap, REVERSIBLE Sparkling Black Strap.

Barbara Ryan
4/3/2012 08:50:49 am

I would select the pretty, Black Bra Strap, REVERSIBLE Sparkling Black Straps.

4/4/2012 08:45:26 am

Fabric sparkle, please.

Sahara Rao
4/6/2012 05:29:49 am

Light Blue Flower Print Fabric Bra Strap, Light Blue Crystal Clear Bra Straps and Embellished Rhinestone Black and Turquoise Fabric Bra Strap.

Sam Eagle (Stephanie Mago-Eagle)
4/6/2012 08:52:07 am

Daisy Print Bra Strap For A Convertible Bra and Strapless Bra

4/6/2012 10:28:34 am

Clear Silver Crystal Gem Bra Straps, Black Bra Strap, REVERSIBLE , REVERSIBLE Sparkling Cotton Candy Pink Straps, Gold Bra Straps With Black Rope

4/6/2012 10:44:15 am

Light blue flowers, reversible sparkle yellow, and pink


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