I love supporting great local companies! Five Finger Tees is a company based just outside of Boston, MA! They are family owned and run business, and we were asked to pick out a shirt that we liked to share with you guys!
    "You could buy 15 t-shirts from us for the price of one of those fancy t-shirts, plus we'll give you FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50! How can you beat that?"
    Alyx and I spent a half an hour browsing through the 100's of hilarious shirts that they have. I was constantly asking my boyfriend to come to the computer to look at a shirt I found. I think he was secretly jealous because he wanted me to pick a shirt for him instead because he took a look after I was done and found a few that looked like they were made just for him! Haha! I promise you, that if you go browse their website (click the photo on the bottom) that you will find one that is perfect for you.
    I ended up picking the one in the photo above, "STOP! Hammer Time!!" I don't think I need to explain why I picked it, just because it's awesome and funny! Plus it's also a little inside joke from a long time ago that I had with my friends. I was so happy when it arrived that I put it on right away and was impressed for only $9.99 the quality of the shirt wasn't cheap feeling or thin. It is a great quality Pre-shrunken 100% cotton shirt that I have gotten a bunch of comments on just from wearing it twice so far!
    The only suggestion I will make is get a size smaller than you normally would because I got a Large and it's a little bigger than I expected, unless you like a little looser shirts, which I don't mind because it's super comfy.
    Click on the photo below to be taken to their site, and just browse around or make a purchase. Even just browsing around is so much fun because the wide variety of shirts makes this store great for anyone's personality. Something for everyone!

Five Finger Tees... or "Five Fingah' Tees" with my Boston accent.

I literally spent an hour browsing through all these shirts. I had the hardest time trying to decide which one i wanted the most. In the end, I went with an amazing choice. A BRIGHT BLUE shirt with Carlton Banks head on it. I literally just desribed the most epic shirt in the world. Lol. 

I ordered a medium, because I usually am a medium. It fits great and is true to size, though, like Dianna said, looks a little baggy. The shoulder seams sit in the right place though so I know it fits. I am just used to more formfitting tops. 

The design is printed nicely, and shirt isnt scratchy, but I will enjoy the feel more once its been through the wash a few more times.

All of the FFts are grea conversation sarters, and would make awesome gifts, especially at such a low price. I suggest you guys check these shirts out. 

To see this shirt on me... view the video below.... 


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