I was browsing on Eden Fantasys, in their Sexis section and their forums when I came across and article called "Dealing With A Non-Affectionate Partner". It caught my eye because I never really thought to deep into the topic but do deal with it a little bit in my relationship. Not that my fiancé isn't affectionate, just more so that I tend to require a little more affection than he does.
    When you think about it, in most cases females want more attention in the relationship as opposed to men in the first place. So when I started reading this I was instantly interested in reading the writers ideas on how to deal with someone who doesn't like to show affection.

"For someone who is very affectionate, to not have that same kind of affection returned can be very hurtful. The first thing I had to do to get over the hurt was to pay attention to other ways he was showing love. "

     The quote above in from the second paragraph of this article already hit the nail on the head!! I say this because my fiancé and I have talked about him not being as lovey dovey as I am and he actually said himself that he shows it in other ways rather than being physically affectionate like kisses and such (especially any kind of PDA besides holding hands and quick kisses, haha). 
     In return for knowing when someone just isn't as affectionate as you may be, the author suggest that you do little things here and there that he likes to show him a different kind of affection. Like baking his favorite dessert or writing cute little notes in his lunch. 
     Overall, I learned that not everyone shows affection in the same way that you may be used to or that you like. That doesn't mean they don't love you! Just pay attention to other sweet gestures that they do throughout the day and TALK! That's very important to open up to each other and communicate! You will be surprised what you can learn from each other just by talking things through! :)