"Players move their game tokens through a tropical Island full of romance and passion. Each square holds its own adventure. As your tokens land on the squares, you and your lover must perform the activities listed. If a player lands on either a Pleasure Chest or Prisoner of Love square, he or she must draw a card from the corresponding card pile and perform the activity listed."
    Who says games are just for kids? Whoever told you that is a liar. :) As you can tell by the title of this post, Eden Fantasys, has a whole section on Adult Games! Made for those 18 and over of course.
    I was browsing through them and can't even explain how I want to try so many of these games. They vary from card games, board games, dice, coupon books, madlibs and more! Do yourself a favor and check them out, even for a couple giggles to see what you could get yourself into if you ordered one.
"Love Dice"
    This is just another example of a game they have. Roll these bad boys and you have to do what they say! Any kind of combination can pop up, so be prepared to "Rub Lips" or "Nibble Toes", haha! It's all in fun and will keep you on your toes when it's your turn to roll!
    There can be approximately 36 different combination that can give you ideas for hours and hours of play in or out of the bedroom.
    These adult toys are not your average game, so keep the kiddos away when in use :)

Okay, okay... don't get your crotch-less panties  in a bunch!

We will not be turning our blog into a porn site! 

Eden Fantasys has opened up an opportunity to add in sexual health and wellness, as well as the all too controversial topic of women actually enjoying and embracing sex into our regular blogging. We want this to be an empowering and fun experience. 

What is Eden Fantasys
Eden Fantasys is not just and adult toy store! It is an interactive community of bloggers. There are reviews, videos, a book club, a recipe section, as well as so much more. Don't shy away if your not looking for anything kinky. There is nothing dirty about making dinner, unless you do it naked. =)

If this type of blog post is of no interest to you, or makes you uncomfortable, please click on a different heading to the left. 

We understand that the "sex community" is not something everyone would be interested in, but we ask you don't hold it against us for broadening our horizons. 

We want to hear what you guys think of this new addition will continue to make our regular makeup related blogs and hope you stick around for those as well. 

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