Who would ever turn down a massage with a nice light pleasant aroma?! Well...I know I wouldn't! I ordered this Sensuous Massage Oil  from EdenFantasys and couldn't wait to get a nice back rub or even give one!
    Now I have been told I give great massages and I love being able to relax someone after a long day by massaging their shoulders or back, but always used lotion to make it easier. The lotion always absorbs into the skin so quickly, so I have decided to try an actual massage oil. I have tried other brands other than this one but have found that they are to sticky or still absorb rather quickly or make a big mess and I find myself having to stop to apply more.
    With this particular one it went on smoothly and absorbed at a good rate but the skin was still easy to massage and left it looking healthy and glowing! Scents are also a nice touch when looking for an oil and this one I got is in "Passion Flower" and is made from organically pure ingredients: contains ginseng and pheromones!
    What I like best is the price of this 4.5 oz bottle is only $6 and will last you for such a longgg time! You can also use this just to give your skin a nice healthy shine, bath oil or even as a makeup remover! Got to love things that are versatile!
    Just check our EdenFantasys Shop to purchase this bottle of moisture and make sure to tell us what you think of it if you give your loved one a nice massage ;)
    Eden Fantasys website is so fun to explore. Every time I visit their page I find something new and interesting. Whether it's finding adult toys, sexy lingerie, funny games, recipes or articles to read, I always learn something new.
    Today I wanted to share with you an extremely interesting article I read on their "Sexis Magazine" on their website. It was titled: “No” Means “No.” So Why Do Some Women Teach Men It Means “Maybe?”. Huh?! Yes, after reading through this article it made me realize how right this was and how some girls may think by saying NO (at first) is going to prevent them from being called a sl*t by other females.
    ( The more the sex positive community talks about the importance of respecting boundaries, the more alarming it becomes when, in mainstream dating, some women have been encouraging men to do the opposite for decades. )
    After reading this article I learned a few new slang abbreviations that I never knew of before this. LMR (Last Minute Resistance) and ASD (Anti-Sl*t Defense). Crazy right?! LMR according to the writer is because  “The word ‘slut’ is a weapon that women use against other women,” writes Markovik on his blog. “Not only does she prefer to avoid having others perceive her as a slut, but also she wants to avoid the discomfort of feeling like a slut. Thus she has the ASD interrupt mechanism to help her avoid this fate."
    Now, I don't want to tell you everything else he says which makes perfect sense about how girls may be telling men "No" but secretly meaning 'Yes' and how confusing it can be to guys and they even talk about the fine line between LMR and rape.
    Please click HERE to read the article, and share your comments on this interesting topic!