These are some of favorites!
    I don't even think I need to explain why I chose to share this purchase from EdenFantasys with you gals. These are a full deck of cards with photos of hunky men on each one and there are no repeat photos. ;)    
    Of course I got these cards to be funny and because of the lovely men on them. but the actual quality of the cards themselves are really nice and durable! I mention this because I know as soon as you get these cards you will be willing to play more card games and we wouldn't want you wearing down these ones!
    The photo above is the actual packaging to hold the cards, so you can sort of get a glimpse of the other cards that I have not photographed.EdenFantasys shop has these cards plus cards FOR men and some X rated ones as well for those daring enough to pull those out at a party.
    I also wanted to share my favorite card out of the deck. Hehe. Pretty sexy if you ask me!! I would love to invite you check out their webpage by clicking one of the links above to get your dirty little paws on a deck of these cards or the girl ones for your friends and watch their face light up!! They are only $7.99!