Price: $167 3.4 oz and is refillable (may be found online cheaper)

I am one who loveees a perfume that has a long lasting staying power. One that you can spray on a few spots and then hours later still get a whiff of it or even hours later someone asks you what it is that you are wearing!
    I have gotten a bottle of "Angel" a few months ago from my boyfriend. I had never smelt it before then, so was I in for a shock when I first sprayed it. To me it was a strong but very pleasant smell. I was so excited that he had picked out a fragrance that smelled good and wasn't to light of a scent.
    It's kind of a hard scent to describe (a little vanilla/musky) so you may have to stop by a tester and see for yourself. It is NOT for someone who isn't into a strong long lasting perfume. But anyways, I used it for a couple days and kept getting these migraines...and when I would go a day without using this perfume I wouldn't get any. So I concluded that every time I smell this perfume for even 5 minutes I end up getting a headache/migraine that is near impossible to get rid of for a few hours. So sad because I did love the smell and long wear, but is really not worth the headaches for me (and it's a bit pricey).
    If you try this fragrance please share your thoughts with us in a comment!

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