Who says you need to be a celebrity to design your own custom fragrance?! Now thanks to founder Nina Settle, you can make your own custom blended fragrance!!! She turned her hobby/love of fragrance into a business! So wanna know how you don't waste tons of money on one bottle of perfume from a department store? Fusion Perfumery is how!
    There are have a few different services she offers: Private Perfume Design, The Perfume Party, Customer Appreciation Perfume Parties and Event Favors! Click HERE to see more details about each service.
How to design your fragrance?
STEP 1 Decide what kind of fragrance you are creating. Is it a feminine, masculine, or unisex fragrance.
STEP 2 Decide what size bottle of fragrance you want to create
STEP 3 Design your scent! Pick 8 or less scents from the fragrance list. In order to have a well balanced fragrance pick some top notes, middle notes and base notes.

    On their fragrance list there are tons of scents to choose from! I chose musky, rose, amber, cedarwood, lilac, bamboo, plumeria, and hydrangea. You can choose up to 8 scents...and well..I guess you can say I took advantage of that!
Cute packaging!
Scents you picked are listed on the bottle!
    I must admit, I did spend a great deal of time figuring out what to put in my perfume because when it comes to scents, I'm the worst at describing what I like. I looked at the ingredients of some of my favorite perfumes and tried to add those scents into my own.
    Needless to say, when I received my perfume and opened it, it definitely had that powerful long lasting scent to it which lingers around for the whole day/night. I absolutely love fragrances have that staying power. But the smell wasn't exactly like I planned for. Which I can't say I am to surprised because as I said, my nose and fragrance don't go hand in hand and I was also picking them off a website and didn't have the scents in front of me to smell first. 
    I will say after wearing my perfume for a while on my skin, it smells a lot better and works better when it's on my skin rather than just smelling it right out of the rollerball. This was such a fun and exciting thing to do, especially waiting for it to come in the mail to see what your creation is like!   
    I would only change the packaging a little because my sticker is starting to peel up because this was a 'Perfume Oil" and would leak a little bit and make the sticker come up.

Price ranges depending on the size of the bottle you choose, click HERE for price list.


Alyx's review is on our YouTube page. Click below to watch. Comment here or there and let us know what you think. =)

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