A candle and fragrance to match! That's what I have here by Pretty Woman. I love layering perfumes, with lotions and body washes. Now I can also make my room smell like the same scent too! It makes the scent linger around longer and with a candle, it's not overpowering either.  In the photo above I have received a soy-based 7 oz. candle, an "On the Go!" travel sprayer vials and two other individual spray vials to share with friends. 
     Above we have the 3 spray vials that come in the "On the Go!" set.  These are perfect for traveling or just to put in your purse incase you find the scent wearing off. The only thing is that these little guys are glass! So I'd keep them in this container or at least in something sturdy so that they don't break. I'd maybe suggest that they come in plastic or more durable container so I wouldn't have to worry about them breaking if I plop my bag down on the floor.
  It is described as fresh, upbeat, sophisticated, ageless and timeless. "Like the notes of a song, the notes of Pretty Woman Perfume open to reveal a delightful melody of florals, spices and woods. It is a complex blend of hundreds of individual floral and spicy notes. Its crisp, luminous bergamot top note evolves to reveal a full, vivacious middle note accord of stargazer lily, red rose and carnation. The fragrance’s base note accord of fresh amber, patchouli, vanilla, atlas cedar and sacred incense combine with a lingering everlasting warmth and harmony." It definitely isn't something I could see a teenager wearing but someone older for sure. 
     The candle was my favorite! The sleek sharp looking glass holder is bound to look great in any living room or bedroom. The scent fills the room lightly without it even being lit! I also loved that the candle wax itself was black! If you love a stronger scented candle this one you should look into trying this one. These are made from an original blend of high quality soy based waxes and a lead free wick with a 40 hour burn time!!
      The candle and fragrance do have the same scent but for some reason I find I enjoy the candle much more. The candle is $29.99 or if you like the whole idea of "layering" scents you could do the package with the "On the Go" box and candle for $39.99. That would be the best deal because then you can try the perfume out before you grab a bigger bottle! I think it would make a great gift for your mom or grandmother!

I just want to also mention, for every 100 Likes on their Facebook page, they give away one Pretty Woman "On the Go" set! So make sure you Like them to get a chance to win some free product!

6/28/2012 06:29:43 am

I love that each perfume/oil smells different on a person.

6/28/2012 06:35:48 am

I love a good perfume that lasts longer than 1/2 hour.

6/28/2012 06:39:29 am

I love how candles and perfume can set the mood for romance or can remind us of someone or something!

Marti Parks
6/28/2012 08:19:35 am

I have a very sensitive sense of smell so I really love nice scents.

6/28/2012 11:44:24 am

I love candles because they make my house smell so pretty

Janette RUPPLE
6/28/2012 11:30:20 pm

I love how candles help make my house smell nicer. With 4 cats and 2 dogs I need all the help I can get :>) I like/hate how fragrances take on a life of their own once they are on a person. It can be frustrating though when something smells fab on a friend but just won't work for me though.

6/29/2012 06:07:14 pm

Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

Joseph Aidan

7/5/2012 05:17:52 am

this would be a 1derful product i'd like to try

nicole hendrickson
7/5/2012 09:09:34 am

i love anything that makes life smell a little more pleasent

LaDonna Smith
7/4/2021 07:19:13 am

I smelled the candle burning in a friends home a few years ago; I asked what the scent was & where I could buy it, I was told it was "Pretty Woman" by Barbara Orbison. I really love the candle & the fragrance. I am trying to this date to find & purchase both. I' m hoping that someone can help me find Pretty Woman Perfume & Candle. Thank you!


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