BARBAR 2500 Ceramic-Ionic Flat Iron 1"
    I love wearing my hair straight year round. Easy to manage, don't have to deal with gels, mouse or anything like that. It's just that there are SO many choices and brands to pick from and can get really confusing so let me introduce you to a flat iron that BARBAR sent for review consideration..
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    "With over 20 years of experience as a former stylist, the company's founder, Dominic Barbar, has applied his years of technical know-how to turn his passion into reality by creating a premium line of hair care products that simplify the hair stylist's job."
    That right there shows that time and effort has been put into all of their products. Not to mention the style! The BARBAR-2500 is a 1" Ceramic-Ionic Flat Iron. It uses nano technology to create soft & shiny results with minimal damage. Also, I love the fact that it has a swivel cord which makes is easier to handle and not get tangled up.
    This sleek style flat iron gets up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit! But do note, on the actual LED monitor it is showed in Celsius nor Fahrenheit.  But is very easy to read and control just by using the up and down arrows on the top of the flat iron
Digital LED temperature display
    It heats up completely in about a minute or so and is ready for use. When I first used this on my sisters super wavy/curly hair I noticed how light it was! This was the lightest flat iron I ever picked up! So if that's a key quality you are looking for in a hair tool, this is a must see!
    Below are some before and after photos of using this on my sisters hair. I used her as my model because the results are easier to see than with my hair because it is not so wavy.

                          MAKE SURE TO USE A HEAT

Use a heat protectant to make sure not to damage your hair.

    This is a before photo of my sisters hair without any product and just naturally air dried. It's wavy and curly and a little frizzy. She loves straightening her hair (I'd kind of call it a little obsession) with making sure it's as straight as possible! So testing this out with her was a great idea.
    All I did was spray a heat protectant on each section of hair that I did, placed the iron at the top of her hair and slowly pulled down (and repeated a second time to get it as straight as possible).
Natural Air Dried Hair
    When I did the first run over the hair it made a big difference and made the hair straight but in order to get more of the frizz away I had to go over it a second time. Which to me is no big deal because I do that anyways no matter which iron I am using.
    I also noticed when gripping the iron I kept pushing the buttons on the top of the tool which accidentally turned the temperature down a little a couple times. Maybe it would be better if the buttons or control was in the inside part of the iron.
    As an end result you can see it most definitely made her hair straight and added that glossy shine to it. My arm wasn't tired after either because of the almost weightless feel to it. I'm happy I got the chance to do this review because now you have proof that this iron works well and does what it claims.

    Just a little note: The opinion above is mine. My sister liked it but wish it took a way a little more frizz than it did but then again she is one of those girls who straighten the same section of hair 10 times haha.

BARBAR-2500 goes for $150 on their website.

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