The Smoobee Magic "No Cry Brush" is designed specifically with little kids in mind. This brush was made so there was no more snagging and ripping at the hair so your little ones wouldn't fight you tooth and nail to get away from you when it's time to brush through their hair. Now, I don't have children of my own to test this on but I, myself, have long hair and do know how it is to brush through it once I'm out of the shower and also if I go to sleep with my hair wet and try brushing it in the morning is a pain in the you-who! I also nannied for quite a few years and brushing kids hair was not one of my most pleasant experiences. Especially if the brush is to rough and when you get to the ends of the hair is where it seems to do some damage. So I was excited when given the chance to try the Smoobee brush out!
     They have 3 cute pastel colors to choose from: turquoise, pink and purple! I obviously as you can see got the turquoise one. The brush has short natural bristles and longer cushion pad bristles. It is also made of solid wood and a good size for those little hands to wrap around the handle. I can tell there is quality and thought put into these brushes just by inspecting it and using it the first time!
     I have the hardest time getting a brush through my hair when it's wet after towel drying it and also when I go to bed with wet hair and wake up with a wavy rats nest looking hair! So that being the case, that is when I tested out this brush. I towel dried my hair and started at the top working my way down. It easily glided through my hair which surprised me! When I got to the ends where it always gets a little more tangled, I did have to go a little bit harder but there was no pain involved. The bristles they use don't snag on the hair but will untangle it! Which also prevents breakage because your not snapping pieces of hair off when tugging it with the wrong brush! It was even easier to get the brush through my morning hair! 
     If I love this brush as much as I do, a kid would be delighted to have their parents use this instead of one that will tug and pull at their hair and cause pain. Now, I use this instead of my other brushes because of it's ease and less damage to my hair and I loveee that! But I also love that you cab buy little gems to bedazzle your Smoobee!!! Smoobee goes for $23.99 and the gems go for $2.99! You also get free shipping if you purchase two brushes. Also, keep in mind how much more your child would want to use this brush if she decorated it all by herself!!