I just started getting into curling my hair when I found out about these curling irons that don't have that annoying clip on them. The clip on all the other curling irons I used, seemed to always leave a crease in my hair, or my hair would end up being damaged not from the heat, but from my hair getting caught in the clip.
    So when the company NuMe decided they would like me to review their curling wand I was super excited to give it a try and share with you the pros and cons. First of, mine is pink. EEEK! They have 4 different sizes to choose from: 13mm,19mm,  25mm and Reverse(tapered). Depending on the barrel size you pick you can choose from pink, black or zebra! How fun!
    This curling wand goes up to a very hot heat of 410 degrees F (210 degrees C). Very hot, but helps the curl last and works great with hair that never wants to hold a curl! It is tourmaline--infused ceramic wand that also has infrared heat technology which helps protect the hair and smooth it out so there's no messy frizz! And another feature that's a must have with any styling tool is the swivel cord! No messy wire to get in your way!
    How pretty is that look! My hair turned out to have bouncy playful looking curls, and it took me only about 20 minutes to do this! Yes...I'm not kidding. In your box you will also get the heat protection glove, which reduces the risk of burning your fingers while holding the hair.

Here's what I did after I let it heat up (which was like 10 seconds):
    1. Put on glove.
    2. Put half my hair up to work in sections (easier for me)
    3. Take about and inch width of hair and spray it with TRESemme     heat tamer spray so I don't fry my hair to a crisp.
    4. Hold the wand upside-down and wrap the hair starting from         the top near the pink part, all the way around the barrel.
    5. They say to hold the hair 2-5 seconds but I hold mine a little         longer because my hair is naturally straight and harder to curl.
    6. Release the hair and cold the curl in my hand till it cools off a         little and spray with hairspray.

    That's it! then just move to a different section of hair until you have completed your whole head. You can also start midway down your hair for a softer curl look, and not hold it as long to give you some pretty waves. I did manage to burn my neck a little and now I look like I have a nice hickey but it just takes a little practice to get used to. But once you get the hang of it, this tool will make you look like you had your hair done by the salon.
    Some things that I found when using the curling wand that I wish was a little different was that the "on/off" switch doesn't have heat control. So people with thinner or more fragile hair can't start at a lower heat, it automatically goes right up to 410 degrees. For me this was a plus because like I said my hair is harder to curl and I need the more heat, but for people with more delicate hair may not like that feature. The only other thing I wish the wand had was a little light that lit up when the wand was on so I could see it incase I forgot to shut it off. This product really does it's job and held curls in my STRAIGHT hair all night and I got so many compliments on it because I never wore my hair like this before because it would never stay. I'm super excited about this and hope you will take advantage of this product and discount code (code will be posted soon).
    " All NuMe Products are manufactured to the highest standards. Every Curling Wand comes with a one year warranty"

UPDATE: The curls loosened up a just a little bit after some time, but they look even better than before, they look more natural now! Love it even more than I
(price varies because they have different sales)
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