I love finding new ways to store my makeup and brushes when I know I'm going to be on the go. I'm always looking for a way to also keep my most used items together so I'm not scrambling around in the morning trying to find that shadow brush that I accidentally put in the wrong spot and can't find when I am running late for work in the morning. I also am sick of the yucky clear bags and cheaply made plastic ones that rip and get gross after a few weeks of using them. That's why I HAVE to share this awesome makeup bag by The Hold Me Company.

     This adorable bag is called the Hold Me Baby Bag! They also have the larger Hold Me bag, which is a larger version of the one you see here. You can pick what kind of print you want inside (I got the Willa Bud) but they all come in this beautiful Knew Suede fabric. This fabric has been put to the test and wipes clean easy!! It's durable and appealing! Better than any plastic makeup bag, that's for sure!!
     One feature that I want to point out is the way it closes. It has a wrap-a-round tie that keeps the bag closed and secure. I never realized how much I would like this until I tried fitting all different sized brushes and products into the bag. I realized that this design was much better than other bags because it allowed for the bag to have more space to fit larger brushes without crushing them, thanks to the tie. Also, there is no velcro, zippers and magnets to deal with!
     As you can see, even the Baby Bag has plenty of space for your makeup AND makeup tools. You have six spots on the right to place makeup brushes (even fit more than one brush in each holder), a zippered compartment to keep foundation, eyeshadows, pencils etc. and a spot above that to place maybe an eyeshadow palette or whatever you'd like! 
     I'm personally in love with the fact that you can SEE and feel all the thought and quality that was put into this product.  The high quality fabric, the material used inside that wipes clean in a second and even the flap to cover your brushes to keep them clean and if they are used, it prevents them from making a mess! Take a look below to see how I can easily store all the brushes and makeup I need for an evening!
     If you are looking for a bag for everyday use I think the Hold Me Baby Bag is a perfect choice and retails for $55! If you like a lot more options to carry with you or are a makeup artist, I'd suggest the original Hold Me Bag which retails for $85. The price is a little more on the higher end, but SO worth it. Would you rather have a bunch of tacky plastic makeup bags that tear or one great quality one that will last you forever?! Kind of an easy question if you ask me!