I love when coming to a site like this and wanted to share. We are guessing you love makeup since you're on our blog, so we wanted to show you a site where it's EASY to find what your looking for or even discover new products or brands that you didn't know of before. This website has tons of products and when you click on an item, it brings you to another page that show's you a graph that has it's "price history". Isn't that neat? I thought so and went through checking the patterns of the prices of different brands I like and use a lot.
    Not only that, but if you enter a product it also tells you a store where you could find that product with the price and you can click a little button next to the item that says 'see it' and it actually brings you right to the website that sells it! Which I thought was convenient. They have more than just makeup on there too, I was playing around and finding all sorts of new things. I'd check it out if it sounds like something that would interest you.