First, let me tell you I wish I knew about this little kit a lonnggggg time ago! This "Once Opened" is a little kit that will save you from infections from old makeup or even skin rashes! "Once opened, airborne bacteria can cause certain cosmetic ingredients to oxidize and degrade." Then if that happens you touch it with your hands or dirty applicators, you risk infection and spreading of bacteria growth which then can cause breakouts, infections or rashes.  
    This kit comes with the following:
        - Storage box to keep everything in place
        - Instructions on how to apply labels
        - "Life Expectancy Guide" Card
        - Marker
        - 24 Self laminating labels
    The thing that is most handy is the pink card on the right that tells you what products last up to 3 months, 6-8 months, 12 months or 18 months. It was so informative and interesting to learn that you should throw away your beauty wipes, liquid or gel eyeliners after three months!
    So to use these all you need to do is fold back the laminate, without detaching it, write the date when the product was opened on the label, peel the film off the laminate and smooth over the label. Finally just peel off the label sticker and stick it onto the product. Then you can reference your pink card to see when it's time to toss it and open a new one! Such a great way to keep your skin and eyes safe!

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