Miss Oops! have developed affordable, must-have beauty products and accessories to alleviate your everyday blunders. It's basically a website to relieve stress over little beauty mistakes and items that come to your rescue when needed most!!
    I got the Miss Oops! "Rescue Sponge" (Pictured above). This product was the one I could probably get a lot of use out of. The Rescue Sponge, an inexpensive, oops-proofing tool, immediately removes deodorant marks and makeup stains from your favorite blouse.
    Now, I can't even explain to you how many times I get dressed for work, do the things I need to do to get ready to leave and put on my makeup/deodorant on AFTER the fact that I am already dressed. And usually when I do this I somehow always manage to get loose makeup powder, eyeshadow or deodorant  marks on my shirt. That's probably the last thing I want to worry about when running late, is trying to look for a new shirt to wear.
    So I decided to put this little sponge to the test. Here are photos before with deodorant smudged on my shirt.
Lot's of messy deodorant
Briskly rub sponge over mess
Mess is gone!
     The patent-pending sponge comes two to a pack and are reusable. Safe to use on all fabrics. Affordable, easy to store in your purse and is a necessity to own at least one!

Click HERE to be taken to their website!
Pack of two = $10

Deodorant on your little black dress? Foundation on your blazer? NO TIME TO CHANGE?

Miss Oops has so many little items that are simple and just make so much sense. All of their products are easy to use and fix all of our very stressful common "oops".

This is a great one I will find myself using a lot. I wear black almost every day, and I am a cluts. 

Easy and small enough to keep in your car or purse for when you suddenly realize you have a little oops. 
STEP ONE- Locate your mess. 

I found it!

STEP TWO-  Rub with dry sponge.

Like a mad woman!

STEP THREE- Paint my nails.... Just kidding

But no really my nails are a mess.
STEP 3.5- Take a deep breath because your mess is gone.

...gone enough to go in public.

Yes this product will come in handy and save a lot of embaresment in a pinch.

HOWEVER, the mark was still visible. Very diminished, but surely visible. 

Would I repurchase? 
We will see how long and how often it takes me to use this one up and we will see. 

Would I recommend it?
YES! I think every woman should at least give this a try.