Okay, okay... don't get your crotch-less panties  in a bunch!

We will not be turning our blog into a porn site! 

Eden Fantasys has opened up an opportunity to add in sexual health and wellness, as well as the all too controversial topic of women actually enjoying and embracing sex into our regular blogging. We want this to be an empowering and fun experience. 

What is Eden Fantasys
Eden Fantasys is not just and adult toy store! It is an interactive community of bloggers. There are reviews, videos, a book club, a recipe section, as well as so much more. Don't shy away if your not looking for anything kinky. There is nothing dirty about making dinner, unless you do it naked. =)

If this type of blog post is of no interest to you, or makes you uncomfortable, please click on a different heading to the left. 

We understand that the "sex community" is not something everyone would be interested in, but we ask you don't hold it against us for broadening our horizons. 

We want to hear what you guys think of this new addition will continue to make our regular makeup related blogs and hope you stick around for those as well. 

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